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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Area Wide Transportation Committee Report

Bill Canfield and Fran Woodring from Lindley attend the Area Wide Transportation Committee meetings to keep abreast of what's happening on the Route 15 project here in town. In a letter to the town they reported to the Town Board these findings from the November 16th meeting:
Tom Tranter is distributing a copy of the latest report (fourth revision) of the NYS Advisory Panel on Transportation. This report will be submitted to the Legislature, approved hopefully and then sent on to the Governor for his signature by January 1st. Improvement of our section of Route 15 into a four-lane (I/99) is one of the priorities in this report. The Welcome Center and the Transportation Hub in Corning are two other local priorities in the report.

The first mile of Route 15 from the Pennsylvania State line is still on schedule to be committed for construction in the spring of 2006. The money is available for this one mile.

Pennsylvania has revised their finish date for the completion of Route 15 to a four-lane (I/99) to 2008. This is one year earlier.

The balance of conversion (the other five miles) of Route 15 is still up in the air. The federal senate, although they are back in session, looks like they will be approving the spending bill. It has provisions for the completion of Route 15 in it. The old spending bill has been extended to May 2005 with the possibility of further extension to October 2005, but there is nothing in it concerning Route 15. Pessimism exists as to whether it would be possible to get even one of the three earmarked priorities for this area in an October 2005 new spending bill. Route 15 is one of those three earmarked priorities.

We also found out:

The center line rumble strips as mentioned in Gary Funk's letter to the Town Supervisor are part of their plans for 2005. But they seemed surprised to find we also were looking to install rumble strips on the shoulders of the Route 15. We said it was part of our intent since our meeting with Gary Funk in December 2003.

Fran asked them to do something about the general condition of the current Route 15. Such things as the wrecked Presho sign coming north on Route 15, weeds behind the barriers and fallen tree pieces do not give a very pleasing atmosphere as you come into or leave New York State and Lindley.

The Area Wide Transportation Committee is going to try and have George Winner at their next meeting January 31st.


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