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Friday, February 04, 2005

Our Lumbering History

Our Lumbering History
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Note from Kitty Pierce, Town Historian: Check this out for tidbits about Lindley from "Corning and Vicinity" by Uri Mulford.

I thought people might find the volume of the lumber industry in the 1870's interesting. No wonder we had "nude' hills until recent years. I am, also, curious to know why the train was called " Wild Cat." Harrower's gang mills were located at the end of Stowell Hill on the present Heffner property on US Route 15. Traces of the old mill race can still be seen.
The Lindley Station and State Line were railroad depots long gone.

In discussing manufacturing, mercantile and other industries in Corning from 1833 to 1870, Mulford says,
"In 1833, a few log cabins in the wilderness. In 1870, a well established and important trade and manufacturing center, with the advantages of connection by highways, rivers, canals and railroads with the country at large!
The wholesale lumber trade of Walker and Lathrop is the most extensive on the Chemung and it's tributaries. Their lumber is mostly sawed at their mills in Pennsylvania . Selected stock for building purposes is resawed, planed and fitted at their mills in Corning. A number of sawmills in the vicinity of Corning add to the volume of lumber sent to market from this point.

The 'Wild Cat" train continues to bring cars of unfinished lumber from the big gang mills at the Harrower's, Lindley Station, and the State Line, and from a number of lesser mills up the Tioga river,in additon to the output of the Walker& Lathrop operations. During the past twelve months, Walker and Lathrop have marketed over ten million feet of pine and hemlock lumber and they have over five million feet of dry pine in stock."

Click on photo and go to Sallyann's photostream to view other photos of what lumbering was like in Lindley.


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