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Monday, April 25, 2005

Presho School 1948-1949

Presho School 1948-1949
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.

This is the Presho School June 1949 donated by Tracy Rumsey Overdurf.

Starting with back row: Teacher Hazel Stowell -(right back row)

1.Ronald Preston, 2.Ronald Orr, 3.Robert Khrahulek,

4.Carl Treat, 5.Lyle Cook, 6.Tommy Pierson, 7.George Root, 8.Douglas Sullivan, 9. Beverly Horton,

10.LLoyd Stratton, 11.Francis Horton, 12.Howard Soules, 13.Jerome Smith, 14. Patty Welty,

15. Faye Randall, 16.Sheldon Ward, 17.Anita Piersons, 18.Jo-Anna Abbey, 19. Patty M.----, 20. Lola Mae Luce,
21. Rosie Soules, 22.Jeanette Warner, 23.Sandra Gorges, 24.Lawana Ward

Sally- Couldn't get the names of ones I knew to match up with the way the names are listed on my copy. Maybe someone can help us out.


Click on the headline to see an enlarged, and I mean enlarged, view of this photo.


Anonymous Marc said...

Kitty-My mom says her sister Beverly Horton stands next to teachers right shoulder and her brother Francis Horton is 2nd boy on bottom row with striped shirt.I dont know if that helps or not but i think there cool pictures! thank you for shareing.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Marc said...

Kitty-Can you send me a printable copy of this picture like other one you sent me? Thank You

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mark - will try. Good to hear that you like the photos. The fun part of this job is sharing the information that I find about our town. Keep wishing more people will share the pictures, stories,etc that are out there. Always felt it was shame that until the Heritage Committee wrote the town's history in 1990, no one documented the past. Slowly, I am trying to build a file for future generations to enjoy and use. .
So my mail box is always open.

4:22 PM  

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