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Monday, May 30, 2005

Five Bronson Brothers and sister Doris

Hi Sally,

A quick Memorial Day note about Lindley Veterans. We can be very proud of them.

When up-dating my Veteran's project for Memorial Day, I put together a few statistics. Much is lacking, but will pass along what I do have:
As of 2002--- (I know there have been Veteran's burials added since then.)

Lindsley Burying Ground had markers for 6 Veterans .

3 Revolutionary -Lindsley,Mulford, Seelye
1 Steuben Militia -Samuel Lindsley
2 Civil War- Milton Orton and Delos Westcott (Not sure if Westcott is buried here-he died in service)

Fairview Cemetery- 32 Known + 3 uncertain of where they are buried
( Not all are marked as to which war and I haven't had the time to figure them out by date of birth and death)

Civil War- 2
Spanish American 1 (?)

Presho Cemetery
Again some markers do not designate which war -

Rev. War 1
Civil War 16
Korea 1
Vietnam 6

The following pieces of information that I have gathered are interesting; ( I cannot list it all here and know there is more that I do not have.)

One WWI veteran had his tongue cut out by the Germans. He ate with a tube and bottle-(per Dick Peer column)

KIA - WWII 2 (Stood side by side in a school photo )
Battle of the Bulge WWII 1 known
10th Mountain Div. Italy 1
USS Enterprise (Sub) 1
Civil War Units
Steuben Rangers 86th Reg. (Read somewhere that there were 94 men from Lindley)
50th NYEng.
Penna . Rifles
5 Bronson Brothers served in WWII (3 enlisting same day) All came home ( Clayton, Daniel ,George, Linwood and William)
WWII Clayton Bronson recalls celebrating the Christmas before his discharge aboard a captured German troopship in the Atlantic on his way home. (Dick Peer column)

Chet Randall and his father were both in WWII. (per Chet)

I know there were several that received the Purple Heart and other medals. This information should be added to the files.
Enjoy the Holiday and remember the Veterans.

Kitty Pierce Town Historian
PS- Don't forget to check the Town Hall Lobby for photos, stories of some of the Veterans. It is an on-going project.

Click on headline for an enlarged view of the Bronson Brother's photo.


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