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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thank You

Thank You
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
To The Town of Lindley Residents

Recently we had a tragedy and the town lost a key member and wonderful man,
Ronnie Sawyer. He worked for over 15 years for the Lindley Highway Department. Ronnie will be missed.

I wanted to thank all the special people who helped me with the luncheon the town gave for Ronnie’s family last Thursday. You are very special people and that’s what makes our little Town so great.

Thank You:

Patty & Albert Tillinghast (Patty T’s Restaurant)
Marilyn Smith
Sally Orr, Town of Erwin Highway Crew, Amy Drake, Pam Dunning, Regina Swan,
Tina Swan, Clara Swan, Doug Taft Sr., Donna Dewert, Gerry Gross, Kitty Pierce, Darlene Clark, Carolyn Hill, Diane Johnson, Tammy Johnson, Michelle Johnson
(Presho Church UMW- Brenda Criss, Judy Davis, Sue Marsh, Peggy Miller, Joyce Rhodes)
(East Lindley Baptist Church- Karen Ballard, Mindy Ballard, Amanda Roblyer, Karen Roblyer, Martha Haar, Marguerite Hill)
(Lindley Community Church- Dawn Titus, & Connie Kollhoff)
(Lindley-Presho school – especially Diane Pierson)
(Lindley-Presho Vol. Fire Dept.)
(Acorn Store- Addison Joel Davis) Bill’s Place
Marc Stocum, Betty Drake, Susan Williamee, Sylvia Titus

Special thanks to Jason Johnson, Ryan Pruden, and Dylan Hill – who helped me all day.

Thank you for all your help! You made a wonderful difference.

Diana (Dee) Hill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the other people in Lindley who knew Ronnie and were not able to help or did not know what to do to help out we thank you Dee for all you did to make it a more bearable day for all involved! Thanks to all of you who helped Dee. sometimes you really make me proud to live in Lindley

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Dee said...

I want to thank everyone again, I knew I would forget someone, Darla Neal, Thank you for helping do dishes. I too am very Proud of our Town!!

1:08 PM  

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