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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Veteran's Project-Option #2

From Haughey Funeral Home

Barre Slant 2-0x0-10x1-4 $230
+$ 85.00(foundation)

Dick pictured with Smaller Barre slant-giving idea of how the plaque we already have would look.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would select option numbers 2 or 3 over option number 1. Two and three display dignity by using a simple uncluttered design as is used in the National cemeteries and at the graves of veterans that are not buried in other cemeteries.

I do question why the wide difference in the cost for number 1 and 2 compared to number three.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Kitty-Historian said...

Regarding the etching on #1-this marker can be purchased without the etching-(Without the etching the cost is $400 less). The picture was presented just as an example because the supplier did not have a plain one on display.
The examples were presented -hoping to receive input from the viewers so the Board and Heritage Committee would have something to start with.
As to the price for # 3, this is a quote from a different person. Option #1 and 2 are the second person's "dealer" prices. In order words, he is giving us a break.
Since the article appeared on the blog, another person has contacted us about his markers. I hope to have photos and ideas from him by the Town Board meeting on Tues 5/9.
It is gratifying to see people responding to the project and all ideas are welcome. Sally has this on the agenda for the May 9th Town Board meeting.
Also, Terri and Doug Oakes- Civil War reenactors who are researching the 86th Steuben Rifles will be speaking on May 18th at 7PM at the Town Hall. They are donating their program to promote our Veteran's project. They will be describing Lindley's contribution to the American Civil War and will have Civil War items on display. Many of Lindley's Civil War Vets
were in the 86th. Terri and Doug will be involved in the Addison celebration this summer and will be at the Big Flats Museum Open House. So May 18th is a good time for Lindley residents to hear one of their presentations.
Hope I have answered some of the questions.If not-see you at the Board meeting or give me a call.

1:09 PM  

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