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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Town of Lindley Roadwork Report-Oct. 12 to Nov. 8

Work days: 19
Rain days: 16, total accumulation 2.61 inches
Short manpower: 5 days (vacation)

Continued grading, stone raking and rolling on Welty Hill Road. Also hauled sand to shop from Young's pit. Completed grading on Welty Road, also graded on Scott Road. Moved equipment to Swarthout Road, cleaned ditch and started grading same.

Removed tree obstruction from the creek on Watson Creek Road. Started working on electrical problems on equipment trailer. Repaired damaged cross pipe on Steamtown Creek Road and covered over with crushed gravel. Hauled crushed gravel to an erosion problem at pipe on upper Steamtown Creek Road. Completed repairing electrical problem on equipment trailer for inspection, as well as repairing light problem on 96, in addition steam cleaned 96 to remove salt. Backhoe cleared ditch obstructions on Steamtown Creek Road.

Repaired road erosion and straightened head wall at large cross pipe on Watson Creek Road, also added a length of sluice pipe to existing pipe to widen the road on upper Watson Creek Road. Also returned to ditching on Morgan Creek Road-slide area. Repaired stop sign on Stateline Road, in addition completed ditching slide area Morgan Creek Road and replaced two road sluice pipes on Jackson Road.

Hauled a load of creek run as well as one load crushed gravel to Jackson Road to repair road erosion, as well as did some ditching on Jackson Road. Took trailer together with the 96 GMC to Wayne Nash for inspection. Installed new residential sluice pipe and hauled two loads gravel on Davis Road. Ditched and cleaned several pipes on Davis Road as well as filled in cross pipe washout on same. Cut and removed tree on Swarthout Road, ditched on Griswold Road and ditched and cleaned out the ends of several pipes on Swarthout Road.

Hauled twenty-one loads bank run gravel to erosion spot on Toby Road in addition, ditched on Toby Road and repaired truck at shop and repaired a rough spot on Morgan Creek Road. Replaced sluice pipe on Steamtown Creek Road also hauled creek gravel from Presho for fill. In addition,started ditching Steamtown Creek Road. Graded bad spot on Stowel Road as well as slide spot on Watson Creek Road and hill on Steamtown Creek Road and hauled creek gravel for fill. Also, cold patched on Mulhullond Road and bad spot on Morgan Creek Road. Hauled approximately 207 yards screened gravel from Austins to Steamtown Creek Road to bridge over recently replaced pipes. Graded and rolled same spots. Hauled approximately an additional 216 yards screened gravel from Austins to Steamtown Creek Road to raise road in erosion spot, graded and rolled same.

Picked up deer carcass from car/deer MVA and buried it. Cleaned ditches with grader, picked up with backhoe and stone raked on Steamtown Creek Road. Installed two new sluice pipes on Steamtown Creek Road and hauled two loads creek gravel from Presho to pipe fill, in addition added ten feet of boiler shell on existing cross pipe to widen road on lower Steamtown Creek Road, also continued ditching the same.

Rolled newly graveled spots upper Steamtown Creek Road. Picked up another deer carcass from North Branch and buried. Hauled ditches out with grader and picked up with back hoe on lower Steamtown Creek Road, as well as graded rough spots, stone raked and rolled.

Worked on stone rake at shop. Removed damaged guard rails and post from twin bridges on Morgan Creek Road, started replacing damaged guard rails on Morgan Creek Road, also one truck assisted Erwin. In addition, worked on sander chain in shop. Completed repairs on stone rake, repaired lights on truck, checked and oiled sander chains on all trucks. In addition, cleaned out plugged sluice pipe at beaver pond on Ryers Creek Road, also removed tree that had fallen in road on Ryers Creek Road.

Completed guardrails on Morgan Creek Road. Hauled approximately 123 yards screened gravel from Austins to change road elevation at twin bridges on Morgan Creek Road. Graded over twin bridges and cleaned debris from behind guardrails with the backhoe. Picked up scrap from the job site on Morgan Creek Road and unloaded it at the shop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dick, Saw reference to installing residential sluice pipe in roadwork report. Does this mean a pipe in someone's driveway? Does town crew do this? I could use one. Larry O.

11:27 PM  

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