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Friday, February 18, 2005

How To Blog "Stuff"

Some readers are still having problems trying to figure out and missing some of the options on the Red-StaterWisdoms blog. Here's some tips on how to get the most out of the blog:
  • E-mail icon: At the bottom of each item I post there is an e-mail icon that looks like an envelope with a pencil next to it. If you ever want to send just the item I've posted along with its comments, click on the "envelope icon" and follow the directions.
  • Headlines: Whenever I say, "click on the headline and it will take you to where ever", that means the "headline on the item I've posted is a link to another site." A "linked" headline is always underlined and when you move your cursor over it the little white hand appears.
  • Posting Comments: Hopefully, Blogspot has made "making a comment easier". It was confusing before they fixed it last week. If you think you're going to be an active commentor, I suggest you choose a pen name so people can refer to your "pen name" so you know their response is directed at you. So choose "other" on the comment page, select a pen name, then write you comment.
  • Archives: Blogspot condenses all the items I post to save space. But all the items are still active even though they've been "archived". Like "Lance From Iraq". If you go back through the archives and find his site, when you click on it you will find that his blog is "current". The same goes for some of the articles I've written like "Red Morality confusing" in the November archive. People are still leaving me comments, and I'm still responding.
  • Google Ads: Google has provided ads so I can offer the Red-StaterWisdoms blog for free to everyone. Whenever you click on an ad, Google pays me (pennies to be sure) but it adds up. So click away......please :-)
  • Sallyann's Photosteam: Whenever you click on a photo I've posted it will take you to "flicker" where I store many other photos. You can view these photos by clicking on "Sallyann's photostream" on the "flickr page". You can also view my photos as a "slide show" which is pretty cool!

That's it for now. I hope I haven't confused you even more, but you'll get the hang of it. I'm quite pleased with the response I'm getting. So far the blog has been visited over 4000 times.


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