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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Morgan Creek Fire

Morgan Creek Fire
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Fourth Report:

Firefighters continue to pry open the roof and walls looking for hot spots. If they don't flush everything down, the structure can re-ignite. The house is completely gutted. The fire investigators were just there and the "unofficial report" is the fire started in upstairs.Lots of talk around the scene that this is the first house fire in town in a lot of years. Pete McIntosh, owner of the Lindley Woodworks and the house, said he had owned it about six or seven years. The house is considered a "landmark" in town, being built over 150 years ago. Susie Williamee's in-laws, Ben and Gerry Williamee, lived there over 30 years. Susie has photos of the house from many years back, which I'll post when I get them.


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