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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Attention farmland owners!

Amish girls in garden
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FARMLAND OWNERS IN SOUTHEAST STEUBEN COUNTY: Do you own farmland in the Towns of Campbell, Caton, Corning, Hornby, or Lindley? Would you like to sell land to a family farmer? Contact Southern Tier Central Planning at 962-5092 for details. WE WANT TO HELP KEEP FARMLAND IN FARMING.

As part of the Southeast Steuben Success Project, we are looking for farmland owners who may wish to sell land to Amish/Mennonite farmers, organic farmers or other small family farmer. Once we get a list of property owners, we'll organize a "farm tour" to take interested farmers out to see the available land. Our goal is to have at least one farmland property sold to a small farmer in each town by the end of the project in September. This project helps our rural communities achieve a major goal in their master plans which is to "preserve the rural way of life" and "maintain farming."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many acres are required to be considered a farm? Can open land with no buildings be considered?

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer Fais, Principal Planner, STC said...

Sorry about my delay in answering you. I was out of town last week. Thanks for your question....I think 50 acres and up would qualify especially if there is farmland near by. Empty land is fine, too. I don't want to limit options -- I'll let the interested farmer decide what he/she wants to buy.

10:51 AM  

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