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Monday, March 14, 2005

Lindley Town Board Meeting-March

Board members: Harold Semple-Town Supervisor
Paul Stermer-Councilman
Gerald Simcoe-Councilman
Paul Mortzheim-Councilman
Jacob Gross-Councilman

Approximately 11 people attending.

Harold had some concerns about Jacob Gross being appointed to Councilman. (Note from Sallyann: The conflict of interest issue was raised through the "Community Forum site"on the Red-StaterWisdoms blog. A few citizens questioned if it was legal for Jake to serve on the town board and his wife, Gerry to serve on the planning board simultaneously. After the alledged conflict became public, I asked Harold to research Lindley Town Law to find out if there was a law on the books that addressed the issue.) Harold checked with Kent Woloson, town lawyer, and reported there is no conflict of positions when one spouse serves in the elective position of councilman or supervisor even if appointed or the other spouse is an appointed member of the planning board.

Code Enforcement Report: Dave issued two permits, the process server issued two tickets; one to Mr. Heffner and one to Mr. Wilson.

Fran Woodring: Wished Jake Gross good luck in his position of Councilman.

Kitty Pierce, Town Historian: Asked the Town Board about changing the name of the New York Central to the Seeley/Guiles Cemetery. The Town Board said it was okay for Kitty to look into changing the name.

Dick Pierce: Asked if the Old Town Hall and his empty lot had to have the green reflective
9-1-1 numbers. Dave, CEO, said they have to be marked and noted there is a letter with 9-1-1 information outside the Town Clerk's window.

Mary Lentzen, Planning Board Chairperson: Said she received a letter from STD, her garbage people, in reviewing the safety for their drivers and equipment collecting trash in some areas. They regret to inform people who live on Manley Hill Road they will no longer be serving them. Will something be done about the road?

Letters of interest:
1.) The town receive a FEMA check in the amount of $36,616.99 for Preston, Watson and Stoddard Roads.
2.) NYMIR (insurance): There should be no more than a 2.9% increase in the insurance for this year.
3.) NYS Real Property Assessment Ratio: 4.38%
4.) Thank you letter from Emergency Services for the $500.
5.) Letter from Steuben County Legislator, Phil Roche, who sent a Resolution to put a cap on Medicaid. Paul Mortzheim made the motion to write a resolution and letter to agree with the Medicaid Cap. Seconded by Gerry. Paul S.-yes, Jake-yes, Gerry-yes, Paul M.-yes. (Adopted)
6.) Association of Towns: Asked for a Resolution for property tax reform. The Town Board agreed and made some of their own recommendations.

Dick gave the Town Board a copy of the agreement to spend Town Highway Funds. All Board signed the agreement. Dick will send a copy of agreement to the county.

Mary Lentzen and Harold attended the Southern Tier Dinner. They said a job well done on the Town of Lindley Master Plan.

Little League sent a letter to have the town sponsor a Little League team. The consensus of the Town Board-the policy of the Youth money is to be given out in November when the groups send letters, rosters of the children who live in Lindley. The money will then be issued to the groups.

Amber Breans: Asked to rent the town hall for her Pampered Chef party. The consensus of the Town Board was- the town hall will only be used for non-profit organizations.

Dee asked if the election inspector's pay could be increased from $6.15 to $7.15 per hour. The Town Board okayed the increase.

Respectfully submitted,
Dee Hill, Town Clerk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely, there must be someone in the town who will oppose the new councilman in the Nov. election so we do not have 2 people from the same house managing the town's business.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Concerning Manley Hill Road: I understand the truck that SDS uses to pick up garbage is a huge truck that exceeds the weight limit set on that road to prevent road damage until the road stabilizes for the summer. A smaller truck would have no problem navigating the road! As for what can be done, I understand the highway dept. would like to raise and widen the road to improve it; BUT, property owners on the road don't want to give up any road frontage. So what do the property owners on Manley want done?

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It takes a fair amount of time and dedication to actively be a part of ones community. Those who do, should really be commended.I sincerely think most on the board are truly there because they are concerned about Lindley and its people. On the other hand, I think, some people just like to feel important and are reaching out to desperatly be recognized with no regards to how it effects others. I have one question I would love for someone to answer. Since when is it right for members to take it upon themselves to ride throughout our town looking for junk cars on property (even when it included getting out of their personal vehicle and trespassing to find the vehicle to begin with) or riding around with pad and paper jotting down notes about homeowners property and bringng theses "personal" faults to the attention of the board? Is this a position Im unaware of or is it perhaps part of a position not mentioned or done by anyone else in the past?? I understand having vehicles not licensed or registered being a concern and perhaps issuing a warning or ticket, but for major violations. Some things brought to the boards attention are so small in respect that its astounding. Shouldnt these peoples concerns be more based on the the welfare of the townspeople? Do they not have enough things to be focused on that they feel they need more? Concentrate on getting the taxes lowered and fight for medicaid reform in the way it effects our local government. Work on getting the grants and funds out there that will allow the town highway department to fix the roads the way they would like to and should be. Allow them the man hours to do so. When was the last time the town applied for funding for homeowners to fix-up their properties at no cost or low interest? Other areas do it. Why not here? The two properties mentioned at the last meeting that needed to be cleaned up...I fully agree with the towns view on the subject, however, has anyone volunteered to help these people clean up the mess? Lets not forget, this is a small community. Sometimes people just need kind words or a little help rather than the feeling everyone is against them. This town has deep roots, in early years when someone was having hard times or just needed help, the town would reach out to help not reach out with a summons. It may not be town "responsiblity" but what about "help thy neighbor"? I think thats a commandment forgotten sometimes in this town. At any rate, the community needs to pull together despite indifferences and get things going in the direction they should be with kindness and hopefulness. These things need to be remembered when voting for any position to be filled within the town, just as much as legal knowledge and interest. Sometimes, interest can go too far. Many times doing more harm than good. Reminds me of the phrase "too many Chiefs and not enough Indians".

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow.! my hands were sweating after i read the last coment. good message to the town.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comments about rideing around looking for problems was super so many of us have had the same thought but was nice to see it stated.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen-this has needed to be said for a long time. Apparently, every town has self appointed Watch Dog(s).Always amazed me that someone has this much time, effort for such nit picking.Too bad all this energy can't be channeled into something more constructive such as assisting a needy senior citizen,a struggling single parent or volunteering in one of the community organizations. It does indeed seem like an ego trip-not a public spirited contribution.

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are Miss Efficiencies and there are Plodders . Wouldn't it be terrible if we were all alike?
Thank God for the difference. As the old saying goes -Viva La Differance.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous CJ said...

If you want your comment/concern to be taken seriously, then have the guts to stand behind what you've written and sign your name. If you think your issue is worthy of public debate, then come to a town board meeting, stand up, and say your mind. And if you're concerned about too much power and influence being exerted by anyone, then run for office. Just be sure you can back up your allegations with concrete facts and not unfounded rumors. There are people who do not want to be bound by any laws and cry foul everytime they are caught in violation. Then there are those who want to manipulate laws to suit themselves and are annoyed when the ploy doesn't work.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Two cents said...

Sometimes the name isn't as important as the message.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is CJ??? You didn't sign your name-

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the long anonymous, are you willing to help write grants and seek the funds you mentioned? The town could use a good grant writer. Your help in person would be appreciated by all for the benefit of the Town of Lindley. A taxpayer too.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To cj and the last anonymous--you seem to have strong opinions -why don't you let us know who you are???

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Two cents said...

I for one am glad that this issue came forward publically. Not may in town like to be spied on. It's unsettling to know that sometimes your every move is being watched by certain members in our government. This is Facism and goes against our civil liberties. If the issue is cleaning up the town, then there must be another way for officials to do this fair and upright without being so underhanded. I'd like the members of the town board and planning board to jump in on this issue and resolve it more equatibly. Nit picking on certain individuals isnt going to resolve the problem. It makes it worse.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Minutes gave a report from the Code Enforcement Officer. Isn't it his job to check on and enforce the town zoning laws? If someone is not happy with this person's job performance , perhaps, that someone should apply for the Code Enforcement position. Just because a neighbor doesn't live up to "your standards", does that mean it is necessary to tattle on
your neighbor. Whatever happened to "Love Thy neighbor"?

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know if the town board members and their agents such as highway dept.,town clerk,planningboard,dogwarden,code-enforcementperson, fire dept.etc. who trespass or harass the people of our town by riding around and taking notes on people then turning those people in can they be arrested for those acts OF HARASSMENT OR TRESPASSING?

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the "Long Anonymous". I want to make clear an issue I stated. I dont think this is a problem with the Code Enforcement officer. I feel he's doing his job. I just feel that some people are taking it upon themselves to be his little "assistants" rather than focus on more important issues. Thus, creating more problems within the town than necessary. The last thing I wanted was to tear this small town apart. In fact, its just the opposite. I want it to pull people together and stand up to these individuals. Stop the nonsense and nit picking. To answer Cj's response as to why I not state my name...its not important who I to what I feel. More people need to attend these meetings. More people need to stand up and speak for what they believe. The Town Board is supposed to be working for the Townspeople. Lets not forget that. I dont know if anyone can be arrested for doing what they do. These people take it upon themselves to do these things and the entire Board should not be held responsible for actions taken by individuals who chose to do these things on their own. They do this on their own time with their own vehicle, without being asked by anyone. However, when their "findings" are brought to a Board session, that is when it should be stopped and made clear that this is not part of their "dedication" or service to the Board. The code officer is fully capable of doing his job on his own, without their "help".

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drive thru Lindley a couple weeks ago on my way to Lawrencbville. took the back way to stay off rt15. I was appaled at some of the places. If I were you people i'd be thanking those two for trying to get something done.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would to if they wernt so sneaky about it.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To our Lawrenceville Visitor- You really don't get it do you?!!!!!
Most people in Lindley take pride in their property. Granted there are some who do not and probably never will become NEATNIKS but as the LONG ANONYMOUS stated so well, we do have a PAID person whose responsibility is to monitor and deal with those individuals. Generally,when an infraction is reported to him through the proper channels,he handles the problem according to the powers that are allowed through his office. Like most government positions,the wheels move slowly and not always as quickly as most of us would like. If someone has a legitimate complaint,it is his job to respond to it, and we do not need individuals prowling through our neighborhoods with their pens and pads looking for something to fuss about.
In response to your comment on Lindley,we really don't need people like you minding our business. We don't come to your community and tell you how to run your town. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I imagine if I came to your town, I could find some junky places,too. I could mention one south of borough of Lawrenceville,Pa on US Rt.15 near a lovely view of the Tioga River. What could be more appalling than that. That is not on a back rural road ,but on a major highway where that thousands of people traverse every day. Think of the impression that leaves.However, far be it from me stick my nose in that community's business. So please before you cast judgment on our itty bitty country town-maybe you should tend your own fires. AND Don't miss the cartoon RUBEs in today's Leader. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous sightseer said...

I drive through Lindley too to stay off rt.15. You have a problem. The blight is there if you want to admit it. Seems like you should be complainging about the people who make the blight than the people who are trying to stoup it.

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In all the letters Ive read in response to this issue...I dont recall anyone saying our town DIDNT have a few "less appealing" properties. What town doesnt. Thats not the issue. The issue is how things are being put into light. Thank you for chosing to travel through our small country town where us "country hicks", as some would call us, live. However, you are just passing-thru. You dont live here. You dont know us or our neighbors or those who represent our town. You do not pay our taxes or vote here. Everyone is entitled to their comments and Thank you for yours. May I suggest something? If you dont like the peacefulness and less traveled road because of our select scenery along the way, you may want to consider many other routes that would take you to Lawrenceville besides the one you obviously travel. They too, offer a relaxing countryside ride. These are our homes. This is our town. We choose to live here. Im sorry if you find anything appauling. But it doesnt really matter.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We UNDERSTAND we have a problem with those who do not keep as neat and tidy a place as we would wish. However- we have ANOTHER problem with the TACTICS used by individuals who are continually TATTLING on their neighbors ABOUT SOMETHING THAT REALLY IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS--just because they think they know it all.. Be honest how would you like to have them as your neighbor

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sightseer-maybe you should stick to 15 . That way you can go fast enough not to see anything . Better yet-wear your rose colored glasses so everything looks great and you won't be subjected to our "blighted areas" or you could stay home where you don't have that type of thing. haha...

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Sightseer said...

Maybe you don't like their tactics but they're thinking of the town. The ends justifys the means. I"ll agree theres hard feelings if your on the receiving end but the crude is all around the county. I didn't mean to pick on Lindley because its like this all over the county.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naw-the complainers have their own private agenda. Careful-ole buddy -if we are too hard on the "blighters", they might move to your neighborhood.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems to me like you have to be anonymous to avoid libel suits. You are slandering people without concrete proof but then I guess that is what chronic complainers like you do. Be careful, this could backfire on you. It is easier to hide and complain than to help the town clean up. These folks do not have an agenda, they have a point of view like you but oh I forgot they don't have the same right as you! As for harassment, looks like you do a might fine job yourself. If you were so concerned you would have volunteered to serve long before this. I don't for a minute think the two being crucified think they are important or looking for recognition. They have given much time to the community and all they have gotten is a kick in the ass, so much for glory!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Concerning the couple who are being persecuted on this site, I know them as good neighbors who can be counted on to help when they are needed. Can you say the same?

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Sightseer said...

The accident on 15 last night is why I take the backroads through Lindley. It's a dangerous raod. How's the driver of the car?

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

To commentor who asked about the condition of the driver in the car wreck: Go to the photo of the wrecked car and click on "comments" below. I've updated the condition of the driver.

3:40 PM  

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