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Friday, March 11, 2005

Highway bill passed by House

Washington The House approved a mammoth highway and transit bill Thursday that aims to reduce traffic congestion nationwide and bring jobs to every lawmaker's home district.

Locally the funding would be used to build a $4 million transport center in downtown Corning and upgrades to major arterials, including improvements to U.S. High-way 15 and upgrades to Interstate 86.Bob Van Wicklin, deputy chief of staff for U. S. Rep. John R. Kuhl Jr., said the congressman was pleased with the bill.

The measure also calls for spending:
-$590 million on high risk rural roads, where 61 percent of all highway fatalities occur.
-$634 million in incentive grants to help states combat alcohol and illegal drug use by drivers.
-$830 million for a new program to fund the construction of dedicated truck lanes.

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