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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Schiavo, John Evander Couey and Jeff Weise-What they all have in common

What a morning to wake up to!

Teen , Jeff Weise, kills 10, wounded seven others, a few of them certain to die in Red Lake, Minnesota. A federal court judge rules against Terri Schiavo, the last chance the parents had to keep her alive and in another bitter irony, I'll have to watch scum like John Evander Couey get all the "due process" in the world that was denied Terri Schiavo.

A teen, out of control like so many in past school shootings, will again leave us no answers as to "why" until we start wising up and focus on the real reasons "teens go bad". But as usual, one man's reason is another man's excuse. The Left will blame "guns" and the Right will blame the breakdown of discipline and a very, very coarse society bankrupted of all commonsense and decency. Not to mention the Left's ever present "political correctness" and moral equivalency that distorts what's right and what’s wrong. The ACLU will rush to defend the Nazi group that Weise was so enamored with its scumbag anti-life/American/malevolent ideology. Click here and read the groups response to the Weis shootings.

After you read it, and it doesn’t turn your stomach, then something’s seriously wrong with you.

You would think the grownups would be able to recognize dangerous crack pot ideology that threatens to rot our kid’s minds. But Nooooooo. CSPAN, a media organization that was formatted just for the purpose of keeping “spin and bias” out of newsworthy events, has succumbed to the Left’s strategy of “moral equivalence/political correctness” to provide a “counter-balance” approach for the viewer. Apparently, CSPAN believes Nazi sympathizer and “Holocaust Denier” David Irving has a legitimate point of view. Click here for the full story.

And after you read that and you still believe the Left-via CSPAN- is ardently working for our society and kid’s best interest, I would prefer you move to another country.

(Side note: It didn’t take MSNBC long to hop on the anti-gun issue/excuse for the Red Lake shootings. They’re debating right now on “The Right To Bear Arms?”)

The rule of law, in stark contrast with “the right thing to do” in the Schiavo case is corrupting the “right to die issue”. The same Liberals who argued for Terri Schiavo’s death will, in the future, plead for John Evander Couey’s life to be spared from the death chamber.

I’m having a very bad day!


Blogger Susanne said...

I've got a longer comment brewing, but look at the picture of Terry with her mother and tell me, tell me she's not in there... that she doesn't recognize her mother! It is a sad day for those of us who believe in the sanctity of life.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Susanne said...

Like you Sal, I find myself dancing on the edge of insanity today. Admittedly I am a walking oxymoron of beliefs. I am Pro-life, pro death penalty, and I believe in a person's right to die. To me, all these choices also bear personal accountability - something the liberals would rather legislate.

Terry Shiavo has yet to have her best interest supported. She was not granted council to represent her, and her parents and husband have taken their personal vendettas before the court, not Terry's wishes. If Terry did not want to be kept alive by machines I bet she didn't count on being starved and dehydrated for 1 -2 weeks prior to her death.
I do believe Terry is still in there, fighting to have her voice heard. I do believe there is hope. I do believe the doctor on Fox News last night that stated he absolutely feels Terry could be rehabilitated, and that he has the knowledge to do it. This is a nobel prize nominee saying this, not some crack that's been paid for his "testimony."
If you believe that Terry should be killed so that her needs are met, how far are you willing to take this theory of yours? Where is the dignified death all the liberals are spouting about, you think being starved and denied water is a dignified death?

The husband has his own agenda for her death, he's got a life he wants to live - complete with long time girlfriend and small children. Fine - get on with your life, it can easily be accomplished by divorce, not death. Forgive me if this sounds harsh, but Terry Shiavo's husband is nothing more than a court sanctioned Scott Peterson.

Now on to John Evander Couey - an utter repugnant waste of flesh. His half sister, and whoever the other sleeze is that have been charged with obstruction deserve the death penalty too. He gave up ANY "rights" he had when he admitted killing and sexually assalting little Jessica. They gave up their rights when they kept quiet and didn't notify authorities. They are JUST AS GUILTY AS HE IS.

Regardless of your belief in God, let me run a little something by you - whether we humans want to admit it or not, we are animals. We are animals that have free will, and free choice. In nature (pick a species, ANY species) they would have taken care of an abhorition like John Couey long before he could do damage. If the mother didn't kill it, certainly predators would.

As parents we are given mountains of information on how to keep your kids off drugs,cigarrettes, and alcohol. There is a ton of information out there on how to talk to your kids about sex. No where can you find anything about how to protect your children from sexual predators that live 150 yards from your house.

How do his rights rate higher than Jessica's? There is no dispute that he did this, he admitted it, he confessed. Done deal, no month long trial, no countless appeals with an execution date several years in the distance. Tax dollars should not be wasted housing and feeding such a poor excuse for a human.

Another fact, sexual predators do not rehabilitate. They are damaged goods. Survival of the fittest also rings true in the animal kingdom - he is not fit! The fact that he was walking around a free man boggles the mind. How is it that we live in a society that sexual predators decide when and where they will notify authorities of their actions? At the very least John Couey should have been outfitted with a tracking device so that authorities didn't have to guess where he was.

Jessica,her family, and those like them are the truest examples of victim. Their rights will be trampled so that John Couey gets his day in court. Meanwhile, a father no longer has his little girl, grandparents can no longer enjoy watching this sweet child grow up. Families are forever ruined because of "people" like John Couey.

As for Jeff Weise - to be honest... I had to draw the line somewhere. I haven't watched the news coverage, and I am not "up" on the facts of the case. I did go to the websites you posted in your original blog... but I didn't have the stomach to read through it all. One or two lines was enough.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Utah said...

Terry Shcivo has the right to die. She has suffered for 15 years. Let her go. Bush was an idiot for using her death for political reasons. Someone should pull the plug on Bush!!!!!!!!!

1:47 PM  
Blogger Susanne said...

Dear Utah - You've got to be kidding yourself. Let's not forget that this woman suffered because of a lack of support from her husband - but we're supposed to believe what he has to say regarding her choices. When she was healthy he didn't let her make choices... now that she's in a vegetative state, she can't fight him and he is willing to kill her off to advance his selfish desires.
Also don't forget that it has been years since Terry has recieved any kind of rehab - NO ONE knows what she is able to do - no one, especially her poor excuse for a husband has let her try. Don't kid yourself either, it is because of HIS wishes that she didn't get the opportunity of rehab - NOT HERS!

As for your political views on Bush - it seems liberals are making more out of this than there is. We have a President who values human life which is far more than I can say for liberals.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Utah said...

She can't be rehabbed. she's a vegetable for 15 years. Why do you bla,me the husband. He is the guardian and he's carrying out her wishes. Why do you red necks want terry to live a vegetable????/Bush has the right wingers believing in a culture of life but will starve poor people and feed rich peoople. Bush singed a bill in texas to pull the plug on poor people. What a hipocrit!!!!!!!!!

4:22 PM  
Blogger Susanne said...

Unfortunately we DON'T know if she can be rehabilitated because no one was allowed to help Terry. Or perhaps Utah you're only interested in one side of the story. I guess finding out that people were not allowed to help Terry (per her husband who only has her best wishes at heart -gag) has fallen on your deaf ears. She's been labeled "vegetative" because her husband gave up on her a long time ago. Questions like "when's the bitch gonna die", and "can't we expedite her death" speak volumes as to how committed he was to Terry and her treatment. Is this the kind of person you want to entrust your final wishes to?

Let it be known that in Oregon I voted 3 times for doctor assisted suicide, and the patients right to choose. But I would bet that Terry didn't make the choice to be starved to death. There is nothing dignified about this death, or her husband's wishes.

I'm sure Utah, you'll be screaming about how John Couey deserves life in prison rather than the death penalty too. The death penalty is just too cruel? What is happening to Terry, that isn't cruel though! Kill off the innocent ones, but let the haneous live.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Rightwinger said...

Hey Utah Where's your bleeding heart for Terry? Oh that's right partner. You Leftys save your concern and sympathy for the terrorists in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. The sight of panties on a terrorist head breaks your heart. Scream bloody murder when their due process isn't afforded them.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Save Terri said...

Another nurse came forward-Heidi Law. That makes two who tell the same story about Michael Schiavo preventing the nurses from rehabilitating and feeding Terri. Why aren't the courts allowing their testimony in this case?

11:13 PM  

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