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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Evolution or Intelligent Design

Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.

The flattid bug: A weak link in Darwin's theory of evolution.

"In African Genesis, Robert Ardrey mentions an example that seems to me a conclusive argument against total, uncompromising Darwinism: the flattid bug. He was standing with the anthropologist L.B.S. Leakey, looking at a coral-coloured blossom like a lilac. Leakey touched the twig, and the flower dissolved into a swarm of tiny insects. A few minutes later the insects re-settled on the twig, crawled over one another's back, and once again became a coral-cloured blossom, a flower which does not exist in nature. Some of the insects were green; some were half green and half pink; others were deep coral; they arranged themselves so as to look like a flower with a green tip." Colin Wilson


Blogger Ra said...

Why would this be a weak link? If anything thousands of years worth of evolution led the insects to use camouflage in order to live.

3:57 PM  

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