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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lindley Veteran Photos Wanted-Elwyn Larrison

Elwyn Larrison
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Kitty said: I am still looking for pictures of Lindley Veterans and perhaps a copy of their military experiences? Since it is hard to part with original photo, I accept xeroxed or scanned copies or I will scan and return the original .
I accept information on all Veteran's who have claimed Lindley as their hometown,but signed up for service elsewhere. Also, this information can include Veteran's buried in the Lindley Cemeteries even though they are not listed on the Town Roll. Actually, there is no Town Roll available at this time except for a list of names as recalled by Lindley residents, Cemetery records, American Legion and VFW records and a scrapbook kept by by mother during World War II...Where did it go??
I would like to add more information on Veterans of all the wars (Civil, Spanish American, Desert Storm , The Reserves, and National Guard,etc.) Ex.- I recently found an article on the brother of Uri Mulford (Corning and Vicinity-1790-1920) that connects him with the 7th Cavalry and the revenge of Custer's Massacre(-but more about that later) I think it is important to document all these Veteran's contributions to our country.

Note from Sallyann: The handsome man in the Navy uniform is my father, Elwyn Larrison who served during WWII.


Anonymous Historian said...

Thank you ,Sally. will print out a copy for the town files.

2:36 PM  

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