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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sam Wilson Wins Scholarship

sam wilson
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Last night at the Senior Awards Banquet at West High, Dee Hill presented Sam Wilson, a senior at West High and local Lindley boy, with the Lindley Heritage Days Senior Scholarship Award. The $500 Scholarship is awarded every year to a Lindley senior who enters a winning essay that is written with a Lindley theme. This year the seniors who entered were asked to write an essay entitled, "Lindley's Influence on My Life." Wilma Welty, a longstanding member of the Lindley Heritage Committee selects the winning essay.

Sam is the son of Gus and Tracey Wilson of Lindley. The Wilsons also have two other children, Jesse and Sara.

Sam was also the recipient of two other scholarships: He won the Corning Community College Academic Achievement Scholarship and the Painted Post High School Alumni Association Scholarship.

Here's Sam's winning essay:

Lindley's Influence on My Life

I consider myself to be one of the few fortunate people. Living in Lindley has been a major contribution to who I am today. Many people feel that living in a larger city is much more beneficial than being in the country. I have to disagree. It is hard to name a more welcoming, clean, safe, and enjoyable community to be a part of. The knowledge accessible in a close community is hard to beat. Everyone is willing to help and look out for each other. There are few "strangers" in Lindley, everyone knows every other person. This is one of the many reasons it is such a great place to be raised. The proper morals and attitude towards life are present in the community. If, for some reason, I had grown up somewhere else, I probably would be a different person with different views.

Lindley has been my home ever since I was born, over eighteen years ago. There is not a better place to be raised. Some of my best friends have gone through all of school with me, starting at Lindley-Presho Elementary. I have been taught to always be honest and hard working. Set goals higher than what you expect to reach. My very first memories of school involve recess. You had to complete your work on time and with quality before you could play. I still apply this theory today. I currently work at The Corning Building Company and have realized that work comes before play. I often see neighbors from Lindley in the store. It is always nice to see and help people you have known for many years. They were caring enough to be there for me when I was younger, and I derive joy from helping them with household problems now. It always puts a smile on my face to see a familiar person in the store. I have also learned that a very important characteristic is respect. I try to give everyone more respect then I would want from someone else. I believe that the best type of person is a "real" person. One who acts the same around everyone, one who is true to himself and is honest, trustworthy, and respectful. I feel that I am on my way to being this person. Living in Lindley has tremendously benefited my character and made me into a "real" person. I have high expectations for my future and believe growing up in Lindley will help me live the life I want to live.

There is only one home for me, that home is Lindley, New York. I am thankful for growing up in this wonderful community and am truly blessed. I have enjoyed every minute of the country and will always know my way back home. For all of the future success in my life, I give credit to my town. Everything about me has originated in the small peaceful town of Lindley.

Well done, Sam......


Anonymous Marc said...

Super job Sam!Your hillbilly neighbors are proud of you.You are a great inspiration for other youths in our town.You have proven hard work and dedication pays off.

9:26 PM  

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