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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Route 15 Included in November Bond Act

From the Associated Press: Gov. George Pataki and legislative leaders released Sunday the full list of state transportation projects covered under a five-year, $35.8 billion program.

The projects were agreed on last week.

The list includes projects covered by a $2.9 billion bond act voters are being asked to approve in November. State leaders hope that by publicizing the projects the bond act will cover, they can persuade voters to approve taking on the debt.

Voters rejected a $3.8 billion transportation bond act in 2000.

The $38.5 billion is to be split evenly, funding bridge and road projects outside New York City as well as improvements to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

  • $76.9 million, including $30 million in the November bond act funding, for the reconstruction of U.S. Route 15 from the Pennsylvania-New York border to Presho in Steuben County, bringing it to federal standards for Interstate 99.

The complete project list is available at


Anonymous Marc said...

All i can say is good luck george.Its been a long time coming and longer needed!

11:36 AM  

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