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Friday, September 09, 2005

Anglehart (harrison hill) School 1952(+,-)

Hi Sally,
One of your readers recently inquired about a photo of the
Anglehart(Harrison Hill) School. Fortunately, Ian Mackenzie(who is writing a book about the schools in the area that became part of the Corning /Painted Post School District in 1957) and I happened to be in the 6 Nations School,Tyrone,NY on the same day. He has very graciously sent a copy of the Anglehart School that he had found in his research. He did not give the source. He,also, inclosed a copy of the page in his book that tells about the school. If anyone can shed some light on the youngsters in the photo or has more information about the school,both Mr. Mackenzie and I would appreciate receiving it.
Thanks-hope your reader sees the photo.
Have a good day.

Click on this URL to read Ian Mackenzie's info on Anglehart School


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