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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Talk with the Corning-PP School District

Excerpt from The Leader article “Master Planning under way at C-PP by Bob Ricotta:

[The first exercise the core team participated in was to identify the current state of the district and compare that to the desired state of the district. As the core team reported from small-group discussions, themes started to develop.“We feel there's a lack of communication with the community,” one core team member said. “We need better, clearer communication to clear up misunderstandings among the community.”Other groups echoed the need for improved communication as a necessary component in healing the wounds that remain from battles over the district's facilities. They also saw communication as key to reversing the distrust of the school district among the community.]

Note from Sallyann: As I am a member of the Core Team formed to develop a “Master Plan” for the next five to 10 years, I am interested in opening a dialogue with Lindley citizens to better understand why there is a disconnect between the community and the Corning-PP School District. If you have any thoughts on this matter, please leave a comment. Any concern, opinion or overview will be helpful.

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Anonymous cjqioxkoy said...

Too much emphasis is put on sports. Note the green mesh around the stadium that was placed there to prevent spectators from looking in. At what cost was this done and now it is flying in the breeze, ripped on the corner and just plain unsightly. What this district needs is a committee from each school that has a say in what kind of maintanence and programs are needed at each site. Too much has been neglected on some maintainence at certain schools while others are in good condition.
We need to get the emphasis back on academics and away from sports.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen cjqioxkoy

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, too much emphasis is placed on sports. There are many other activities just as important, if not more important, than sports. Spread the money around so more kids benefit.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that sometimes sports seem to be all that anyone cares about at some schools. However, it is one of the few things that kids can get involved in after school that keeps them out of trouble. A lot of people cannot afford the other extracurricular things, and sports are a nice way for the kids who are born without a silver spoon, to stay busy. Statistics say that kids invloved in sports are MUCH less likely to get involved in and abuse drinking and drugs. Let's face it, there are not a ton of things for kids to do in and around the Corning-Painted Post area.
There are plenty of clubs academic, social and athletic clubs available, but many times kids don't seem interested.
Personally I believe that funds should be spent on extra after school transportation for the kids that live outside of the city. It is ridiculous that they are cutting or have cut afterschool activity transportation out if you live in Lindley/Caton. Once again segregating the city kids from the country kids. Many parents may not be able to afford the gas for a trip to Corning every day to pick up their kids. It was bad enough years ago when the closest they could drop you was 10 minutes from your house. Now it is too bad for your kids if you live out in the country. That really ticks me off.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Marc said...

No comunication .Hmmm how many times did the tax payers vote no to new schools? Why when the peoples will was known did the school keep trying for what was already denied by the public?I would say the public was communicating just fine but the school wasn't listening to what they didn't want to hear.And about the time some parents were inquiring about makeing the late bus available for after school activities it was cancelled altogether. I think the lack in communication is a little one sided.:) just one hillbilly's opinion.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Marc~ excellent comment on the school district not listening to the voters. Specifically, what is it the district is "not hearing"?

Regarding the discussion on "sports programs": Are Booster Clubs" a reasonable alternative to taxpayer funded sports programs?

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

This item was sent to me by a reader and I thought it appropriate to insert into the discussion. It's titled "The Teacher Interview".

After being interviewed by the school administration, the eager teaching
prospect said: "Let me see if I've got this right. You want me to go into
that room with all those kids, and fill their every waking moment with a
love for learning. And I'm supposed to instill a sense of pride in their
ethnicity, modify their disruptive behavior, observe them for signs of abuse
and even censor their T-shirt messages and dress habits. You want me to wage
a war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, check their backpacks for
weapons of mass destruction,and raise their self-esteem. You want me to
teach them patriotism, good citizenship,sportsmanship, fair play, how to
register to vote, how to balance a checkbook,and how to apply for a job. I
am to check their heads for lice, maintain a safe environment,recognize
signs of antisocial behavior, make sure all students pass the mandatory
state exams, even those who don't come to school regularly or complete any
of their assignments. Plus, I am to make sure that all of the students with
handicaps get an equal education regardless of the extent of their mental or
physical handicap. And I am to communicate regularly with the parents by
letter, telephone, newsletter and report card.

All of this I am to do with just a piece of chalk, a computer, a few books,
a bulletin board, a big smile AND on a starting salary that qualifies my
family for food stamps!

You want me to do all of this and yet you expect me...NOT TO PRAY?

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Marc said...

Sally I think that they were not listening when the public said no new schools.They need to learn how to properly maintain the existing schools.I dont know if you have ever noticed but ceiling tiles in the lunch/music room at Lindley Presho have needed replaced for many years .They were damaged when my older kids went there and they are now in there late twentys and thirties.This lack of maintenance needs to be addressed .I dont think its a problem with maintenance staff but lack of materials to properly maintain basic problems.If the existing schools can't be maintained why would we think new schools could be? And what about the school curriculum- Teaching our youngsters its ok to be gay or lesbian .I dont agree that this should be taught when it so strongly goes against values taught at home .Do you think it's ok to teach this but not ok for our kids to pray? I could rant for a long time on many issues with the schools but the bottom line is I dont have the answers on how to fix them.Maybe I just see the glass half empty!

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Marc: I can only speak for a few people who, like me, feel public schools have lost their way by abandoning "traditional values". I know whenever I hear anything coming from the district that sounds remotely like Progressive political correctness, I get angry and frustrated. Not too long after 9/11 my oldest grandson asked me to help him "proof" a paper he had written on the "Journey to Mecca" a major religious experience for Muslims. The idea he could study Islam and not Christianity was inferiorating especially so soon after the attacks. You would have thought the district would have been "sensitive" to the possible backlash from the community and "postponed" the lesson on Islam.I took it as an "in your face" attempt to teach the children about diversity to counter "Redneck racism" against Muslims. I am sick and tired of being perceived as a racist because I'm a Republican and hold to traditional values. I'm sure there are others out there who feel the way I do, but keep their opinions to themselves for fear of being "politically incorrect". One of the "trust issues" I have with the public school system has to do with the "culture war" currently being waged in the USA. There's no doubt "traditionalist", people like you and I, are losing this war especially in the school system.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous kathyb said...

Marc, you aren't seeing the glass half empty, you are seeing it for what it really is- a hornet's nest. I want my son to learn math, science, english and social studies and have an opportunity to safely interact with his peers. I do not approve my tax dollars being wasted on promoting social brainwash - especially when it subverts the traditional values we hold dear.

If parents want sports programs and clubs to be available, then the parents need to start booster programs, etc. like they have in Horseheads. The educational system needs to remember why it exists, focus on priorities, and quit being distracted by every new fangled idea that comes down the pike.

What has become of our educational system? It has clearly lost its way-

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a sad state of affairs when a student can learn to play golf and not be able to read or write well enough to make out a job application.
What is wrong with playing sports games against local teams instead of traveling such long distances. Not only does it discourage local fans from attending games, but it is only asking for bus accidents and students being injured when they travel so far.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Bankrupt Taxpayer said...

Here Here..downsizing sporting events would be a good place to start bringing taxes under control.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Gerry said...

I agree that the spending on sports needs to be contained. This is a sacred cow to all the coaches out there and it will be an uphill climb to reduce spending in this area but it must be done. The cost of a bus driver alone is outrageous as the district drivers are union drivers. I agree it would be better to play locally but you will get the argument that it will limit an exceptional player's chances of a sports scholarship. When compared to all enrolled students I wonder what the ratio is to non players and players. Shouldn't the first priority be to learn to read, write an essay and learn the math and sciences required in todays world? It is true we are turning out students who can't read or write. There is no easy solution but one must be found if we are to control runaway taxes.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Arnold S. said...

Think real hard about what you said Bankrupt Taxpayer. Most schools proceeds from football pay for most of the other extra curricular activities at the school like the Drama Club, Honor Society, etc. Booster Clubs are a good idea but most of the time about 10% of the people do all the work and the rest enjoy the benefit. The only way I've seen it work is if you can pay, you pay a fee for your child to play sports, if you can't afford to pay, you can work for your child's participation (snackbar at games, help with decortions, etc.) Again this works sometimes but not everybody honors their obligations. As far as being able to play golf and not be able to read and write most schools have a requirement of at least a "C" average to be able to participate in any extra curricular activities therefore you could not play golf if you didn't pass your English test. The problem of just playing locally is schools are not the same size and who wants to keep getting his butt beat by the big school in the area, an idea here is for the athletes to pay a transportation fee for each sport. This would include the cheerleaders and band for football and basketball and ask for bus drivers to volunteer their time to drive the bus, doesn't hurt to ask. I also have a problem with what can be taught and what can't, seems funny that they have to teach evolution but can't mention creation. Just a few thoughts on the school systems across the nation because they are all fighting the same issues.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination -that the students who receive the sports scholarships are usually ones whose parents can afford the tuition to prestigious schools.
Whatever happened to the idea of playing sports to learn sportsmanship,fair play and just to have a good time. Not many of these "professional players" will go on to become a Babe Ruth of their time. More likely they will end up in some mediocre job like selling refrigerators at Sears..A lot of blame for so much emphasis on sports goes back to our major sports professionals and the salaries that they demand. Wrong ,wrong concept for our sportsminded kids.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arnold- you are a bit naive if you think the players and associates will cough up the gas money,etc for trips and for drivers to volunteer their time. Have you ever talked to parents of some of these kids who do participate and heard their tales of how expensive some of the equipment is that they sometimes need to buy on their own?
I have seen little schools whip the butts of some of the bigger schools-. It is called ingenuity, determination, common sense,using your head,teamwork and a just plain desire to do their best.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know a family from addison who are going to send their son to East High next year. Not that he will get a better education but because he has a better chance of getting a sports schlorship. They know that in the corning school district it is not about education but sports.also sally as a core member i say to you that the board of education has lost the respect and the backing of the people with what they have done in the last few years and they will have to make a great effort to get it back if they ever can get any respect back.A first effort would be a better education for all the children and not just the chosen few who are good at sports or are already smarter than other kids.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many academic scholarships available through colleges, foundations,etc.if a student is really dedicated to receiving a college education and puts forth an effort to apply. If these parents have $16,000 to $20,000 (CPP tuition-non resident is $4000/5000 a year),seems like they should be finding a better way to invest their money than sending their child to a CPP in anticipation of a possible sports scholarship.
CPP is supposed to be clamping down on non residents attending our schools.

2:02 PM  

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