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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Around Lindley Town-"What is a blog?"

Every so often, I'd haul out the old "Lindleytown Newsletters" and heave a great sigh. How well I kept Lindley informed of the news "Around Town". It was a sad day when I put the "printed" newsletter to bed, not only because Lindley lost its news source, but I lost contact with many of the great people here in town. In some ways, we all did.

Jimmy Lundgren filled the void for awhile until he ran into the same problems I did...printing any newsletter is prohibitive. I missed his writings as well, but I am happy to announce that Jim will be a contributor to this site. Look for his posts in the days to come.

During the past three years I would think about starting the newsletter again, only to stare at the numbers that were more in the red than in the black. It wasn't until recently that I discovered I could create an "interactive" blog for Lindley News. That's when my wheels started turning.

Most people aren't familiar with "blogging", but I'd been blogging on-line for years being the politcal junkie that I am. A blog is an on-line journal kept on a Web page. The term "blog" is short for Web log. The publisher of the blog, that would be me, "posts" news items and commentary usually on a daily basis. In some cases I will be "posting" events immediately after they have occurred. For instance: Remember that terrible car accident on Route 15 that killed those three kids from Buffalo? If I had this blog during that time, I would have posted the "news" of that awful event as it unfolded in "real time". So anyone who had the address of this site, could have logged on and read the news minutes after the event instead of waiting for it to be published in The Leader a day later.

One of the more interesting aspects of a blog, is its "interactive" capabilities. As you scroll through the blogs you will see a "comment link" at the bottom of each post. Anyone, literally from around the world, who goes to can read the posts and make comments or ask questions. You will notice that since I've started this blog a few people from around the country have left comments about what I have written. You will also notice that my articles are quite "pithy" as Bill O'Reily would say from Fox news. As Bill says, "The pithy-er the better". This type of commentary draws people in and makes the site more interactive. A blog is a tremendous tool to discuss issues and ideas.

It is my hope that the citizens of Lindley make comments often to stir up reader interest and to interact with town officials and Lindley news items. And of course, feel free to comment on "my opinion articles" that I post. Anyone who would like to post a comment, but feels uncomfortable with using their own name can comment "anonymously" or with a psuedonym to protect their identity. However, I will delete all comments I feel are unsuitable or offensive. I moniter the blog comments often to screen out offensive comments. Most people who blog sign their comments with their first name. That seems to work.

Anyone who wishes to post an item can e-mail me at Your news item or announcement will be posted immediately. And if you must make changes in your news item or announcement, leave a comment under your post with what you want changed or e-mail me.

Access to the blog is available to anyone for FREE. It is being supported by national ads provided to me by Google. Eventually, when I learn how to post local ads, I will sell advertising space to local businesses.

E-mail me with any questions you have. Good luck "surfing through" this "new" way of getting news out to Lindley citizens. Please note that this is a "work in progress" and will evolve as time goes by. I am very excited about this Red-StaterWisdoms blog and I hope you are too. Please...test the water and leave me a comment about what you think about this blog.

Sally Orr


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