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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Live Like You Were Dying

For broadband users (Road Runner) Click on the headline and watch Tim McGraw sing "Live Like You Were Dying"....Cool Huh?

Hint: If your pop-up blocker prevents "Launch" from opening, click on sentence "Click here to re-launch the Launch Music Video Player"....Confused? Just keep clicking. When the Music Video Player opens up and you see Tim start on "Full Screen" for maximum viewing and listening pleasure..... Press Esc (escape) on your keyboard to get out of the "full screen mode." can keep watching more music videos or close out.....probably depends on what kind of mood you're in or how easily you're shocked. You'll know what I mean if you catch the right video. If it's too racey, coarse, disgusting or otherwise offensive....leave me a comment. Go easy on me...I have no control over what music video will appear after Tim McGraw's. I just like Tim's and wanted to share it.


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