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Saturday, January 22, 2005

SpongeBob Is Gay?

By Susanne Karrels

I am a tolerant and understanding person. I try not judge people for their beliefs, even if they differ from mine. I consider myself a "Christian." I try to be patient, though admittedly I usually fail at that one... I am a mother of two elementary age children who love SpongeBob. If I could have listened to the news yesterday on the "big story" of SpongeBob’s sexual identity without laughing I might be in fear for my children. Not because I believe SpongeBob is secretly trying to educate children on how to be gay... but because of people like Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family.

I do not care for the SpongeBob show, I didn’t care for Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer, or Barney either. It’s for no other reason than I’ve seen each episode three trillion times. Frankly, I would rather insert a flaming spike into my skull than watch another 30 seconds of SpongeBob, but I don’t like sticking my kids in front of the boob tube and walking off to do other things, I feel it is my responsibility to watch it with them. My husband and I are VERY STRICT about what our children are allowed to watch, believe it or not there’s plenty of things on the Disney Channel we won’t let them watch. Did you catch the part about STRICT?

The foundation We Are Family produced a video after 9-11 for the purpose of teaching tolerance and understanding to our young ones. They got support from SpongeBob, Barney, Winnie the Pooh, Bob the Builder, and the cast members from Rugrats who along with 100 other cartoon characters lent their voices for this video. (Take a moment to remember these are cartoons, not REAL people or animals, or even sponges.) The video is set to be released to 61,000 elementary schools in March. Dr. James Dobson and another fanatical religious group issued a gay warning alert after finding that the website for We Are Family contained a "tolerance pledge" that included tolerance for sexual identity.

I’ve yet to find any newscast/article that tells me if this pledge is actually IN the video, or just on the web... at any rate these zealots are out to get rid of the video. As a matter of fact, I don’t care if it is in the video. Apparently the extreme religious Right is still under the impression that homosexuality or heterosexuality can be taught, and is best taught by cartoon sponges. I guess ministering is at an all time low, and they feel the need to project themselves into the nation’s limelight regardless of how ignorant it makes them look.

Ridiculous claims like this, along with the claims that the Teletubbie Tinky-Winky was gay because he carried a purple purse is the reason rational thinking people are turning away from "formalized" religion. Apparently SpongeBob merchandise is popular among gays, if you went along with these "religious" groups you would have to believe that the creator of SpongeBob is single handedly trying to convert today’s toddlers.

If you’ve been lucky enough to miss a SpongeBob episode... let me give you a little background. SpongeBob lives in a pineapple under the sea. He has a friend Patrick who is a starfish, and occasionally they hold hands. They watch an imaginary show about two undersea super heros Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy... that’s it they MUST be gay!

Batman and Boy Wonder, were they gay too? How about Winnie the Pooh, he didn’t wear pants... he must be an exhibitionist! He and Piglet held hands... they MUST be gay! And an inter-species gay couple at that... Pooh is a bear, and Piglet, well, he’s a pig.

Hey religious "too far right" my daughter comes out of her classroom ever day holding the hand of her best friend (a girl). OH MY GOD, I’VE PROGRAMMED MY CHILD TO BE GAY!
I seriously doubt in 15 years you’re going to hear the voices of the gay population claiming "SpongeBob made me do it." Or that some psychology report will come out that PROVES cartoon characters asexual characteristics contributed to creating an entire generation of gays. If that happens... God help us all.

Click on the headline to view the "We Are Family" video on MSNBC news cast.

Click the following HTML to read Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson's response to the controversy


Blogger sallyann said...

Let me be the first to weigh in on this controversial issue….

Dr. James Dobson has done more for the American family since indoor plumbing. His “secular” messages have been the cornerstone for building healthy families for 35 years. In all the years I’ve been listening to his bits of wisdom on family values and his advice on raising children, never have I disagreed with his counsel—and I don’t disagree with him now.

If you have listened to Keith Oberman’s report on the SpongeBob issue, you would have noticed the mocking, condescending tone to his report. As usual, the Liberal media, Oberman being a card-carrying member, corrupted Dr. Dobson’s comments about the “We Are Family” video and turned Dobson into a homophobic bigot too loony to know the difference between a cartoon character and a real Drag Queen--standard procedure for the Leftist media when covering Christians or Conservative.

The SpongeBob issue is the type of story the media loves to get a hold of and they treat it like an Amber Alert and a culturally important “public service message”—Alert…Alert the Conservatives are lurking again and they’re going to string up the first gay person, Black or Muslim they come across IF WE DON’T STOP THEM.

At best, it’s a Liberal form of Chicken Little and the “sky is falling”. At worst, it’s a form of Liberal arrogance that Red-Staters are getting pretty sick of. It was no surprise after 9/11 the Left scurried around and formed “We Are Family”, an organization that promotes “tolerance.” After the attack the Left, certain we would be “intolerant”, hit the airwaves with elitist sermons on tolerance and respecting diversity—lest the Conservatives, stupid insensitive boneheads that they are, would begin “hurting the Muslim’s feelings with derogatory remarks.”

Here’s a “news alert” for the Left and their politically correct crap—Muslims murdered 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11 and then the bastards danced in the streets when they learned of the attack. Not much room for tolerance there!

Unfortunately, the Left is compelled to “get to the kids first” with their message of “tolerance for family diversity” before Conservative parents brainwash their kids into hating all gays and lesbians. The Left feels a certain urgency because of the terrible defeat the gays experienced during the last election on the Gay Marriage issue—enter the “We Are Family” agenda where their video will be released in 61,000 schools in RED STATES, no doubt. Got to get to the kids so that will never happen again!

And Dr. James Dobson is getting in their way.

Dr. Dobson stepped up for “parent’s rights” to raise their kids according to their own philosophy and beliefs and took a “Left” jab to his jaw. Even though it’s the same argument the Left uses when we start talking about teaching conservative values in the schools. Apparently, the Left doesn’t want their kids raised by Conservatives anymore than we want Liberals raising our kids in public schools.

Are we teaching our children intolerance of gays? Of course not. Do we want full equality for Gays? Absolutely. We’re an evolving tolerant nation just as we have been for the last 200 and some odd years. America is billed the “melting pot of the world” and not a single ethnic group came through Ellis Island that wasn’t subjected to a virulent form of prejudice. But these immigrants were accepted because they proved their worth. They rolled their sleeves up, got their hands dirty and contributed to the American Dream.

Right from the get-go, the Gay Rights Movement came out “guns-a-firing” and adopted an in-your-face strategy for acceptance. They’ve been experiencing both “acceptance” and “backlash” from Main Stream America ever since. There are a number of Americans who find homosexuality difficult to deal with and are in no political mood to sanction same sex marriage at this point in history by having the issue crammed down our throats by rogue judges or by hijacking parental rights. Maybe when red-blooded straight American males can watch two guys passionately kiss without doubling over in complete revulsion we’ll be ready. Frankly, I don’t think we’re there yet.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Susanne said...

Again, let me start with where we agree... we're not really that far apart in ideas. I don't usually watch Obermann ~ a little to "left" for me.I have listened to Dr. James Dobson and I do typically tend to agree with most of his parenting advice. His response to this seems knee-jerk at best, paranoid at worst. It appears to me that the "far right" still carries the notion that gays are pedophiles and rapists and that if we're not careful... it'll be catching like a cold. I went to the Focus on the Family website after posting my original comment, and frankly it scared me. He is upset that teachers would tell students that not all families are alike... that they can be different as suggested in the information that is being shipped with the video from We Are Family. I'm sure the video is being sent to Red States, just as it is to Blue states. I'm sure it's being sent to big cities and rural areas.
What is the harm in reassuring a child from a divorced home, or a home with a widowed parent that their family is fine. What is the harm in telling a child with same sex parents that their family is fine. Just because Johnny has 2 Moms doesn't make Johnny wrong or bad. Telling Johnny that he is fine, that he is loved does NOT condone homosexuality. Don't blame Johnny that he has gay parents... he didn't pick em. The issues are with the parents not the child. To be honest, I don't know how I feel about gay couples with children. To be totally honest, there are plenty of heterosexuals that have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT BEING PARENTS. If they are bringing up the child in an atmosphere of love and support, if they are being responsible parents... shouldn't that count for something? I wouldn't want the child exposed to their sexual activities in the bedroom anymore than I want kids watching hetero couples "doing it."
As for the lives lost on 9/11... I mourn for them, for their families and for our nation. However, let's be clear that the Muslim "bastards" weren't the only ones "dancing in the streets" after the attack. America did it's own share of celebrating "Shock N Awe." I have no problem with the actions our government has taken. We're not the ones playing dirty ball, but we've got to play by the rules...
Having said that... I don't want my kids thinking that the owner of our local store is "bad" because he's from Afghanistan. Nor do I want his children shunned on the playground because he's "brown." Just like I wouldn't want them making generalities about the boy who wears the cowboy hat. Or about the girl that comes to school in second hand clothes.
To me, what both sides fear is ignorance. I don't trust that many parents will do the right thing and educate their children about race, religion, sex, drugs, alcohol... UNTIL THERE'S A PROBLEM. I know because I've seen it.
I have issues with sex education in the schools. I don't think it's the schools responsibility to teach my children about sex... but sex ed came about because too many parents DIDN'T DO THEIR JOB. I don't want my kids learning about gay couples in school first... I want to make sure that my husband and I have that dialog with them before they hear it from a teacher.
I agree that the gay community has gone about having their voices heard in a loud obnoxious way. Hopefully they have learned from their mistakes. However, I don't like having any idea shoved down my throat either from gays or Dr. James Dobson.

10:46 PM  

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