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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Jake and Gerry Gross

Jake and Gerry Gross
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
At the Lindley Town Board meeting tonight, board members voted to appoint Jake Gross to fill the Councilman position left vacant by the death of Ammon Titus. Jake will serve the remainder of Ammon's term which is until the end of this year.

Jake, a long time resident of Lindley, has been active in town politics for many years, having the distinction of almost never missing a Town Board meeting. Because of his interest, the board decided to appoint Jake.

June Fanning was the only other candidate who applied for the position.

Jake will start his term at the next Town Board meeting after taking the oath of office.

Congratulations Jake....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So nice to see a photo of my parents on the internet!

Kim Gross
Saratoga Springs, NY

8:59 AM  

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