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Saturday, February 12, 2005

News from the Pantry of Angels

Note from Kim Snyder:
Have you had any luck getting anyone to volunteer to do cooking, baking, microwaving or cake decorating lessons yet? If they want to volunteer, they don't have to do it more than once if they don't want to. It would really be nice to offer this service.

The Pantry of Angels could also use a reliable, dedicated person interested in coordinating and doing fundraising for the pantry. If you know of anyone who really enjoys this kind of work, please let me know.

We will be starting a Spring Flower Bulb Sale in March. Bulbs arrive in time to plant this Spring and are guaranteed to bloom.

We also need a media person to handle all advertising and, we need a person responsible just for personally contacting businesses to drum up donations of food (i.e.. grocery stores, distributors, big box retailers, etc.)

Note from Sallyann: Anyone having the skills or motivation to serve in one of the postions needed in the Pantry of Angel's operations please contact Kim Snyder at:
Also, I'm thinking in the Spring, I'd like to get the cooking classes going so I'm calling on all the great cooks in town to set aside some time to help this worthy cause. Anyone interested, that means the men too, contact me at


Anonymous Sallyann said...

Kim: I actually have a real live person who just signed up for the cooking class. She's a great cook too, and knows how to be "frugal" with the grocery budget.'s a start.

How about some of the rest of you cooks out there? Give us an afternoon and your culinary expertise and we just might make a difference.

10:54 AM  

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