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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Regarding: 911 House Numbers

I've been thinking about the "comments" made concerning the elderly and their possible inability to purchase and attach the 911 reflective numbers to their mailboxes or houses.

I'm assuming many of the elderly here in town have family who would help them purchase and install the numbers, but for those who don't have family living nearby or a "kindly neighbor", maybe we could raise the money and purchase the numbers for those in need.

Someone mentioned the Boy Scouts could take on the installation as a "badge" project, which I think is a good idea---if we even have a Boy Scout/Cub Scout Troop in town. If someone knows about the status of a Boy Scout or Cub Scout Troop, let me know.

The only immediate fund raiser I could think of is the tried and true "bake sale." I'd gladly bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies if Emogene Cisco would bake an apple pie and reserve it just for me.

If you think this is a worthwhile project and would like to step up to the plate and participate, let me know. We'd have to figure out the logistics, but it could be done if we determine there really is a need. Leave a comment or e-mail me at:

Click on the "comment link" beneath this post to read the 9-1-1 Addressing Law enacted by the Lindley Town Board.


Anonymous Sallyann said...

A local law outlining 9-1-1 Addressing.

Be it enacted by the Town Board of the Town of Lindley as follows:

1.) All structures within the Town of Lindley shall be identified by an address assigned in accordance with the County of Steuben Addressing Plan for 9-1-1.
2.) The owner of each structure shall post the assigned number on the structure adjacent to the main entrance.
3.) The number shall be displayed on the structure in Arabic numerals, with any supplemental suffix in block English letters. Said number shall be in reflective material and shall be no less than four (4) inches in height. They shall be of a color that contrasts with the structure.
4.) Address numbers shall also be placed on the structure's mailbox post. These shall be no less than three (3) inches in height and shall white reflective numbers/letters on a contrasting background. Where the mailbox is not located at the structure, the roadway name shall be included on the mailbox.
5.) If the structure is located more then fifty (50) feet from the roadway, or if it is not clearly visible from the roadway, the number shall be installed on a post on the distant side of the driveway as it is approached from the same side of the roadway as the structure. This installation may be combined with the mailbox post, if the mailbox is located at the drive. The numbers shall be visible in both directions of travel on the roadway.
6.) Any previous numbers assigned to the structure shall be removed.
7.) Should the owner of the property fail to post the structure numbers, after being duly advised: The Town of Lindley may post them and charge the owner. If such charge is not paid by the owner within thirty (30) days, the Town of Lindley may add the charge and expense to the property's tax Bill.
8.) Any police officer, code enforcement officer or other public official authorized to issue appearance tickets may enforce the provisions of this local law.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not see in the 911 town law where you have to have a green sign to post your fire number. Am i right or wrong? Can it be black back ground with white reflective numbers or is it the green signs some people have?

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

From the County of Steuben 9-1-1 Enhanced Department:

Address Number Standards-

2.) The numbers shall be standard Arabic numerals (i.e., 1234) and any supplemental letters shall be in block English letters (i.e., ABC). They SHOULD be of reflectorized material. They must be of a color that contrasts with the color of the structure; however, it is strongly recommended that they be white reflectorized numbers/letters on a reflectorized green background.


9:01 AM  

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