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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Smorgasbord at Presho Church

Presho Church
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.

Church Suppers are as common as sliced bread. A piece of Americana that most take for granted. So much so that many churches close their doors because the suppers weren't enough to keep them open. It takes more than a Spaghetti Dinner or a Pancake Breakfast to keep the lights on and the organ warm. It takes a congregation and a supportive community that recognizes the value of the little white churches dotted around this country.

We have three churches in town and each in their own way have managed to survive for well over a hundred years, and we as a community are all the better for it. I might also add, even when most of us who live here do not attend.

These structures of worship are continual reminders that the moral code we live by emanated generation after generation from deep inside their four walls. If we are righteous, virtuous, ethical, fair, decent and just, it's because, no doubt, of a little white church we crossed paths with sometime during the course of our lives.

The Smorgasbord at the Presho Church today was as usual, a success. It will help keep the doors open, and in this day and age....we need them to be open.

For lots of pictures of the gathering, click on the photo of the church and then Sallyann's photostream.


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Beautifully said Sal

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