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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Precious Petey

Precious Petey
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
This is Precious. I call her Petey. Don't know why, really. Seems to fit her. Petey is a "Teacup Chihuahua." Five pounds of "all dog." Her tongue always hangs out which makes her even more special.
After I posted Chance's picture on the blog, Petey asked if I would post hers. I told her, "Petey, you know you never take a good picture. You end up looking like a little devil dog, with your red eyes and all."
Well, I hurt her feelings. Petey's a Liberal so she's ultra sensitive when I'm honest. Chance is a Conservative and I can say anything to him without him calling me a racist.
To keep peace in the family, I relented so I wouldn't have to hear from Petey that "even Chihuahua's that photograph with bulging red eyes have rights and feelings too."
So here she is, my little devil dog who's the most loving, overly sensitive dog in the world.


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