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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Joel Harrison 1927 Chevy

Joel Harrison 1927 Chevy
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Another old photo to enjoy looking at.


Anonymous HISTORIAN said...

As Sally mentioned, I am always looking for old photos, articles that pertain to Lindley. If you do not wish to donate the items, I will copy or scan them and return the original to you. I am still looking for information on our Military people-no matter what war. Thanks for helping to preserve Lindley's history.
Kitty Pierce -Lindley Town historian

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Town Clerk-Hill said...

Joel Harrison is Don Swan grandfather,Don Swan is from Moragan crk Road Lindley, the car is a 1923 chevy, Don rode in that car when he was a little boy. Just a little history.I enjoy people bring pictures in for the walls in the Town Hall.Come in the Town Hall and enjoy all the new pictures!

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Historian said...

My goof labeled scan to Sally wrong
It is a 1923 Chevy. They don't make them like that anymore!!

12:24 PM  

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