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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Memos from Sallyann

Note from Sallyann:

Been working on collecting the "sex offender lists"...bad weather kept me from picking up the Corning Police Department list last night. Will get it as soon as I connect with Lt. Swan again. Still trying to "talk" with the right persons in other area departments. Lt. Swan said he spoke with Officer Yost in the Painted Post Department who said they didn't have any offenders listed at this moment.

To the person who left the comment about the Corning-Painted Post School District "late bus" schedule:

I never received the "school handbook"that detailed the bus schedule from the school bus garage, however, after I spoke with the secretary she said the late bus would only transport students home who stayed after school for school-related functions such as "help with homework"...etc. Sports were not considered "school related" and the responsibility fell squarely on the parents to pick up their kids after practice. Any kind of "policy change" would require group effort and organization, but with no guarantee that the policy would be changed. I would suggest you attend a school board meeting to inquire about changing the policy and what that would involve. Another option is to call Pete Watson at the Corning-Painted Post District bus garage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sally thank you for looking into this matter.I figured you could get the skinny!

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sally i have been thinking about the school board saying the sports program not being part of the school program.Isn't it odd that the sports programs are not accessable by homeschoolers only if your child is enrolled in public school are our children allowed to participate.Also if our children fail to keep good grades in school they will be kept from participating in the sports activities.Sounds to me like the school sports is very much a part of the school. The late bus bing available to kids kept for detention but not students with good behavior that are participating in after school sports is wrong.What do others think?

1:48 PM  

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