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Monday, March 14, 2005

Rants of the Week

The Atlanta shootings: Is it all that unreasonable to think that a 100 and something pound, armed grandmother who escorts a 200 pound man in his physical prime into a court shouldn’t be allowed to do that? Ask a feminist what she thinks. And if you agree with her answer, then meet me at the parking lot in the abandoned K-mart store in Erwin and watch how many 200 pound men I can “take to the mat.” Oh yeah….I’ll have an advantage. I’ll be armed.

Terry Schiavo: Michael Schiavo, Terry’s husband, should divorce Terry and return her to her parents. How hard is that? Since when, in these days where the sanctity of marriage doesn’t mean much to half the couples in the US (50% divorce rate for first marriage divorces, 60% divorce rate for second marriages.) do the rights of an absentee husband override the incontestable love, devotion and rights of Terry’s parents? Especially when the parents have been at Terry’s side since 1990, as any parent would be, while Michael went on with his life and took on a live-in girlfriend and sired a couple of kids. Michael Schiavo does not have Terry’s interest at heart. He’s in a battle with Terry’s parents and he’s a control freak. This is about beating the parents. It doesn’t have anything to do with Terry. Michael Schiavo should move on. The Florida courts have ordered Terry’s feeding tubes removed on March 18th. Terry will die an agonizing, protracted death, to be sure. But so won’t her parents right along with her. Where’s the closure and morality in that?

Drug and alcohol counselors needed in Steuben County as abuse rises: According to a Leader article today, County Office of Community Services Director Robert Anderson said, “The county treatment program serves largely indigent (poor) clients and receives as much a $50,000 PER CASE annually, through insurance providers, Medicaid or private pay. However, he said, the reimbursements DO NOT MEET THE COST OF SALARIES AND BENEFITS, OPERATIONAL COSTS AND OTHER PROGRAM EXPENDITURES.” Aiiiiii……Yiiiiiii……Yi! The crisis is about “clients” having to wait 90 days before they get counseling because the county lost three or four counselors when a “key clinic” was closed TO SAVE THE STATE MONEY. The article also mentions “the number of clinical admissions for substance abuse in Steuben County has climbed steadily since 1999. The state reported 341 admissions in Steuben County in 2003, compared to 245 in 1999.” Well this is a no-brainer if you’ve been paying attention: NO JOBS. The economy tanked in 1999-2000 when the “tech bubble burst” in the stock market. Then came Enron and all the other corporate scandals, and then of course, the attack on 9/11. Our economy wasn’t worth squat then. Lousy economy, no jobs, drug abuse goes up as do divorces and crime. The $50,000 it cost taxpayers to counsel substance abusers would be better spent if given/loaned to small businesses in the area for capital improvements and to create jobs. How hard is that? $50,000 per client! I'd like to know how many clients the county actually "cures".


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