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Monday, April 11, 2005

Lindley Presho 2&3 Grades 1963

Kitty said, "Let's have some fun with this one. Maybe someone can give us a missing name."

From Top:

Top Row: Audi Cline, Donna Huels, Tom DeWert, Mrs. Stull, Bonnie Knapp, John Letterman, Donna Maxwell OR Donna Bathrick. Which one is it?

Second Row: Gwen Pratt, Terry Dietrich, Linda Spier and -------?Hartman.

Third Row: Kathy Warner, Donna Pierce, Rita Killigrew and Larry Childs.

Fourth Row: Who's #15?, Pam Kline, Who's #17?, Barbara Neally, Sidney Smith, Deborah Brant, and Kalla Eldridge.

Fifth Row: Candy Rogers, Cheryl Eddy, Who's #24?, Who's #25? and Pamela Knapp.

Click on the headline "Lindley-Presho 2 & 3 Grades 1963" for printable enlarged view.

Fill in the names....and send more pictures.....We love them....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The girl in the first row is Donna Baker, I believe. Number 15 is Mark Lowe

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

Another great picture .I sent it to Herbie Eldridge and he is sending to his sister Caylla in South Carolina .He is sure she can identify all.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Historian said...

Thanks Marc-
All efforts appreciated. Sorry we spelled Caylla's name wrong.
Sent it to my daughter,too-She asked if I had to use that photo.

Have more school photos for later on. Keep sending,loaning, donating,etc.

Also,looking for photos of veterans that had ANY association with Lindley.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would Mark Lowe be Allen Lowe's brother who used to live on Tannery Creek? And didn't they have an older brother who was killed in an automobile accident?

11:56 PM  

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