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Friday, April 08, 2005

Heritage Days Senior Scholarship Applications

The Lindley Heritage Days Committee will award one $500 scholarship this year to a deserving highschool senior. Home-schooled and West High seniors must be current residents of Lindley having lived in town for at least one year. All applicants are required to write a 250-word essay entitled: "Lindley's Influence on My Life"

The rules:
1.) All essays must be produced by word processor or typewriter. They must be double spaced.
2.) They must be at least 250 words. (a, and &, the, are not counted.)
3.) Your social security number must appear in the upper right hand corner. Your name should not appear on the paper.
4.) A 3x5 card should be attached to the upper left-hand corner of your essay. The card should include the following information: Name, address, social security number, phone number, date of birth and the college you will be attending.

Essays should be forwarded to the Lindley Town Clerk's office at 637 US 15, Lindley, New York 14858. All essays must be submitted or postmarked no later than May 16, 2005. The Town Clerk will forward the essays to the Judging Committee. These essays will be graded on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest possible grade. The winning student will be awarded the scholarship upon proof of actual college enrollment.

Good Luck!


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