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Monday, April 04, 2005

Welcome Steuben County Town Clerks

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A big welcome to all the Town Clerks and citizens in the 27 towns in Steuben County. Glad to have you on board to take advantage of blogging --a unique way of communicating and publishing local news that often flies under the media's radar.

You're welcome to:

* Send news items or photos that best reflect the culture, history and uniqueness of your town.

*Join in any of the topical discussions on the Red-StaterWisdoms blog.

*Create an "Open Forum" where citizens from your town can come and discuss local issues of importance.

Remember, we have one thing in common---we are card carrying members of Steuben County. Now, instead of only touching base with each other when we're called for "jury duty" we can meet here in the Red-StaterWisdoms blog.

For more information or have any questions about participating on the Red-StaterWisdoms blog, leave a comment or e-mail me at

The address to the blog is


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