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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Single MVA on Route 15

Last night around midnight, Lar and I had just finished watching the movie “The Village”, which I highly recommend, the storyline had us going! when I was called out to an accident on Route 15. We threw our coats on, grabbed the camera and headed on down to the scene. By the time we got there, Cranes was already loading the truck onto the rollback. This time an alleged drunk stuffed his Dodge truck into the guardrails at the end of the bridge in front of Brownies Mini Mart. The driver, who wasn’t hurt, had been spirited away in the trooper car on his journey to the hoosegow. I stayed in the car while my camera man hoofed it over the bridge to take a picture, but unfortunately, I had grabbed a disc that was “full”, so no pictures. According to Lar, the only damage was to the left front wheel which was folded under. While at that scene we learned that the fire department had been called out for another accident on Route 15. We traveled the full length of 15, but didn’t come across another accident.


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