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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why I didn't run for a Councilman position

I thought while I was waiting for Larry to return from Corning, (I have to man the phone to catch the business calls) I would chip away at some of the questions that were asked of me in the comment "thread" when I announced my candidacy for Town Supervisor.

I was asked "why I didn't run for Councilman".

My answer:

Although I had the option of running for a council seat, as there are two council positions open, I decided against it for these reasons:

1.) I feel I am qualified for a leadership position. The ideas I have, (which I will reveal in the days ahead) would be more easily implemented from the "top down". Someone has to take the ball and run with it.

2.) Also, the Town Supervisor "sets the tone" through his/her vision and leadership skills, not only for the council, but for the other elected and appointed officials as well. I am especially interested in establishing a "team work" approach among all the town officials to better serve the citizens and best interests of the Town. I believe I can achieve this goal better by serving as Supervisor rather than as a Councilman.

Any questions?


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