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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Winds Raise Cain

Just about 11 a.m. dark clouds rolled in with ferocious winds uprooting trees and generally scaring the local populace. The storm threatened the East end of town, but Presho got the worst of it. Paul Mortzheim lost a huge weeping willow and had a few of his pine trees topped at the edge of his property. ButPaul's neighbors, Anne and Fred Collins on the Smith Road (what used to be Clayton Bronson's place) place was just devastated. I think I counted six or seven trees that were either uprooted entirely or had their tops snapped off. It would just make you want to cry when you saw the place. Also, Indian Hills Golf course, amid its many other troubles lost several trees. Of course our electric was off for hours. I hope this isn't a prelude to a combustible weather pattern this summer. I can remember a few summers when afternoon storms were about as scary as they get.

Ran into Dick Johnson, Road Superintendent at the Town Hall, and he said every road in Lindley had some tree damage. He also mentioned Davis Road was hit pretty hard.


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