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Friday, July 22, 2005

Renee Toby and Ruth Orr Honored

Renee Toby and Ruth Orr
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Funny how the years pass, and before you know it your mother-in-law is the oldest living member of her church. Or you discover your next door neighbor gives just a little more than ordinary to her church and community. Last Sunday Ruth Orr and Renee Toby were honored at the Presho Church for their “Servant Hood to the Church and their Community”.

Members of the church put on a “bring a dish to pass” evening supper to honor Ruth and Renee. It was unbearably hot and sticky, but that didn’t put a damper on the celebration. In fact, it added an extra dimension to the festivities, forcing everyone attending to recognize that “we’re in this thing together and we will persevere” and like Ruth and Renee have demonstrated through their servant hood, sometimes it takes an extra helping of personal resolve and dedication to overcome the many obstacles of life and to achieve what gives one Joy in life.

Renee and Ruth never “wilted” away from the “heat” of serving. As Brenda Criss wrote in her speech for Ruth and Renee: “Ruth Orr has brought the Joy and Beauty of Music to the many generations of this Church, raised her family in this Church and contributed to the Leadership of this Church…for I believe 67 years. And Renee also contributing to the Leadership of this Church is always “Johnny on the spot, rolling up her sleeves, always serving and helping out wherever needed, never, never had to be asked twice, also let’s not forget Renee’s public service to our community and to our Fire Department, always serving, always ready to serve.”

Judy Davis also spoke a few words about her friendship with Ruth and Renee and their importance to the church. Judy also presented the honorees with beautiful floral bouquets from her garden. After the supper Jim Criss and John Bloise escorted Ruth out to the parking lot to seat Ruth in Jim’s 1920, Model-T Ford Truck for a photo opportunity. (Click on the photo to go to Sallyann’s photo stream to view what has become my most cherished picture of Ruth).


Anonymous Marc said...

Sally- nice to see you giving recognition to the towns people who have given that lil extra for many years.Many times these folks are in our minds but nice to see their accomplishments to community validated.

5:14 PM  
Blogger sooze said...

How nice to see the pics of Gram on the world-wide web! Since I couldn't be there in person to help her celebrate this honor I'm so grateful for your blog! I too love the pic of Gram in the old car!!!!!!!! You know we're gonna need several copies of that one!
Thanks for your hard work on this blog... not only keeping the people of Lindley informed, but also for those of us thousands of miles away!

12:27 PM  

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