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Friday, March 03, 2006

March 14, 2006 Town Board Agenda

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge to the Flag
III. Minutes
Public Hearing for changing the office of Town Clerk from a two-year term to a four-year term.
V. Communications
VI. Reports

A. Paul Mortzheim will report on the reasons a Sprague Insurance representative will attend the May Town Board Meeting.
B. Dee Hill and Sally Orr will report on the trip to New York City.

VII. Unfinished Business
A. Insurance liability update and past resolutions pertaining to Susie Williamee performing weddings in the Board Room at the Town Hall.
B. Regarding the discussion on changing the Supervisor, Highway Superintendent’s two-year terms to four-year and changing the Highway Superintendent’s elected position to an appointed position: In order to resolve the confusion that occurred during last month’s board meeting, each of these elected positions; Supervisor, Highway Superintendent and the question of changing the conditions of their terms will be open for discussion following a motion and a second motion and a vote will be taken.

1.) Motion to change Supervisor’s two-year term to a four-year term.
2.) Motion to change Highway Superintendent’s two-year term to a four-year term.
3.) Motion to change the Highway Superintendent’s elected position to an appointed position.

VIII. New Business
A. Motion to form a Special Committee charged with developing a Junk Law Policy and given authorization to use whatever tools and budget necessary for the committee to fulfill its duties.
B. Motion to approve the purchase of a memorial/plaque dedicated to the men and women of Lindley who fought in wars. Veterans Project.
C. Motion to move $500 from A1990.4 (General Fund) to A111o.4 (Susie’s contractual) for the purchase of a judicial robe and a New York State flag to be displayed in her office.

IX. Auditing Bills
X. Adjournment


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