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Friday, December 10, 2004

News Alert

Bad accident on Route 15....

Approximate time of accident: 6:30 p.m.

First report: Accident involved a semi truck and car in the "narrows on Route 15". Southbound traffic backed til Presho. Northbound traffic backed to state line.

We tried to get down to the accident scene, but semi's and cars were pulled off to the side of the highway as well as stopped in both lanes and we couldn't get through.

Second Report: The semi was traveling south when the driver of the northbound car lost control of the vehicle and crossed into the semi's lane. The Ontario trucker driver made a defensive move to avoid hitting the car head on. The semi struck the car on its side. Three people were in the car. Only one minor injury was reported.

Third Report: A fellow that was immediately behind the accident when it happened reported the semi-tractor truck crunched about a 100 feet of guardrail. He said that if the truck had broken through the guardrail, the big truck would have plunged into the river.

More news when it comes in along with any corrections to this report.


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