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Monday, January 24, 2005

Ground Level Election News From Iraq

I've been looking for a blog from Iraq that will post pre-election and post-election news so "some" of the American people can keep track of what is going on from the Iraqi people themselves. And thanks to a tip from Lance in Iraq, (a blog I posted in December and hope you're still checking in on every once in a while), I've found a "Friends of Democracy" blog that is posting election news everyday. It gives an Iraqi first-person account of the election efforts. It will surprise you what the Iraqis are saying. Please read the comments on Friends of Democracy to get a more detailed understanding of the upcoming election on Sunday.

This is a dangerous time for the Iraqi people and they need our support. So please leave them supportive comments. Like George Bush said, "If you seek democracy, we'll stand by your side."

I'm assuming Friends of Democracy will be posting often about news of the election on Sunday. So check in often for election news updates. Remember there is a time change. Our days are their nights.

Click on the headline and it will take you directly to Friends of Democracy.


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