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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Lindley Town Board Meeting-January, 11, 2005

Board Members: Harold Semple-Town Supervisor
Paul Stermer- Councilman
Gerry Simcoe-Councilman
Paul Mortzheim-Councilman

Approximately eight people attending

Code enforcement report: Dave Fuller, CEO, reported that he will have to have law enforcement help serve tickets. He's also working on having a man serve the warrants. Will have more information on this later.

Dick Pierce: Posted signs don't really work as snowmobiles are still going on his property.

Harold talked to Kent Woloson, town attorney, concerning Conditional Use Permits (CUP). From the day they are issued they are good for one year.

Paul Mortzheim doesn't feel comfortable with the bids for the new Highway Building and made a motion not to award a contract at this time.
Seconded by Gerry. Paul M.-yes, Gerry-yes, Paul Stermer-no. (Adopted) Paul Stermer would like to see some some work by the Zver's who submitted a bid. Will send letters to the contractors to notify.

Three Rivers contract: Will table until next month's meeting. Harold will contact them and request the same contract as last year. ($1,900)

Lynette Nudd: Sent letter to Paul Mortzheim concerning burning of trash on Presho School Road. Harold will fax all information to Kent and feels the matter should go to Linda Smith, Lindley's Health Officer and DEC. Will table until next month's meeting.

Clerk's report and Supervisor's report were presented to the Town Board.

Paul Mortzheim had a question on the Supervisor's report concerning the highway hours. There is still a balance. The highway men's contract is up for negotiations this year. Harold will get a letter to John Farwell. Will set a date to get this done early this year.


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