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Monday, February 28, 2005

Louden,Williamee House

Louden,Williamee House
Originally uploaded by
Sally Ann.
Note from Kitty Pierce, Town Historian: These are photos of the Williamee House from Susie Williamee. Snow scene is front-in 60's/70's after Fireman sold the house #'s(see porch)
Bottom photo with people is labeled 1987-is back of the house. Note snow level on top one -might be about 1972/5 had a lot of snow those years.
( Ref. my Mother's scrapbooks..)

Leland Harris says this was the George Riffle house for as long as he can
remember back. Hank Riffle and siblings were all raised there.. Fairview Cem. lists George Melbourne Riffle b. 1877,no date of death but second wife Jennie Wright d. 1943. I remember a Bob Riffle living there in the late 1940's before the family moved . Leland thinks this was a grandson of George Riffle. Dick Pierce's paper route lists shows Loudens there in 1950.
Believe Williamees purchased home from them in 1960's,1970's.

The Lindley Community Church was built in 1877-so add 20 years for George to build a home and I would guess that is about the right time.for house to have been built. (Didn't check marriage records, but 20 years after birth is a good guess)
Burr's and Ayre's homes appear in 1898/99 photo but hard to tell if there is one where this house was located.
This is the Genealogy of this house as near as I can determine. If
anyone has more information for town files please leave a comment -will be happy to correct or add.


Anonymous Scooper said...

The top picture of the williamee house was taken in 1963,look at the difference in the age of the wood siding. The 2nd picture was taken in 1983.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Will make a note of these dates in the files. Any other info appreciated.
Kitty Pierce

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

If anyone has any stories or rememberances of being in the house, I would love to hear them. Especially stories from the past to give us an idea of what it was like. I'm very interested in old houses and the families who lived in them as I'm sure many others are too. So often all that's left of an old house is a picture. Any story of a family that lived there would add to its history.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Kitty said...

Sally- In case this helps-
Remembered I had this on file
>From Bett Davis Phillips-April 18,2004 In a query, she had mentioned her grandparents living in Lindley. In answer to my question of where. She replied "My maternal grandmother Flossie D. Putnam Campbell Louden and my step-grandfather Robert Louden moved to Lindley in June 1949 as recalled by her sister. Robert Louden died there on February 29,1956. Later Flossie sold the home and moved to Beaver Dams,NY to be near her daughter.

There was the Church, Browns, Mr. Ayre's carpenter shop, Grandpa and Grandma's home ; the brick house (Carl & Cecilia Wilson's then), Ayre's and Whitakers store on

4:16 PM  
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