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Friday, February 25, 2005

Stevens Road Trailer Fire

Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.

First Report: It's Tiger Smith's place, son of Eldon Smith. Sources said "flames were showing when the fire department received the call." The trailer is completely gutted. No word yet on how fire started. Tiger and his wife Tammy are okay.

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Second Report: Sources tell me Tammy was in the back of the trailer doing laundry when one of their dogs started barking. When Tammy came out of the laundry room she said that a dense black smoke had filled the front of the trailer. Tammy said her youngest dog "pushed" her towards the front door to get out. She believes the dog may have saved her life. She managed to grab Tiger's guns but that was all. She was also very worried that one of her dogs was still in the trailer. Tiger and Tammy own three dogs, Midnight, Doozer and Taz. The missing dog appeared outside while the trailer burned, and she was thankful for that. They love their dogs.

Cheyenne, Tammy and Tiger's daughter, was spending the night with a friend and wasn't home at the time.

Sources said Tammy and Tiger had just paid off the trailer and were going to move it to another site. In fact, the contractor that was going to move the trailer for them arrived to discuss the details of the move just as the fire started.

Tiger works at the Gang Mills Division of the DEC and raced home when he learned of the fire. Tiger is the son of Eldon and Carolyn Smith.

Lindley, Addison, Tuscarora, Gang Mills, Caton and the North Corning fire departments responded to the call.


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