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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Steer Clear of Trouble

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Do you know it's illegal to coast down a hill with your car in neutral? Or to drive with kids in the back of a pickup truck?

You know that tree-shaped deodorizer hanging from your rearview mirror? It's a no-no. So are any decorative lights on your ride.

Every day, Twin Tiers motorists unknowingly break the law while driving on public roads. That's because New York and Pennsylvania each have more than 3,000 vehicle and traffic laws.

"A lot of motorists are breaking the law and don't know it," says Sgt. Michael J. Hess with the New York State Police in Horseheads.

Even police can't keep pace, says Brian L. Nowlan, a village of Horseheads police officer for six years.

"Every month we get pages of updates to the V&T laws and changes made by the state," Nowlan says. "It's impossible to keep track of all of them."

Myths and misconceptions add to the problem. Many people think it's illegal to drive barefoot, for example. It's not. You can drive nude without breaking any traffic laws. But you could be arrested for violating public decency laws, police caution.

Click on the headline "Steer Clear of Trouble" and read the other driving violations in Jim Pfiffer's column from the Star-Gazette.

A thumb's up to Gerry Gross who sent this item along. After I read it I've decided to "quit" driving altogether. It's only a matter of time that I get busted for "parking 12 inches from the curb"!


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