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Thursday, February 24, 2005

High Speed Pursuit!

Grabbed the kids and the dog and headed for the porch....

That's what a few Lindleyites did yesterday when they witnessed a high speed pursuit in town. Sources tell me that the chase started in Addison when an Addison Town Cop tried to pull over a driver in a Red Ford Ranger who was having nothing to do with it. The Ranger sped off down 417 and took a hard right onto Indian Hills Road at the north end of Lindley.... The Addison cop hot on his tail. The Addison cop must have called back-up because three New York State Police cars responded in a heck of a hurry and joined the pursuit on River Road here in Lindley. The Red Ford Ranger ended up on the back River Road and eventually the cops lost him, they think, on Steamtown Creek Road. The only road the Ranger could have taken because two of the trooper cars had set up a roadblock at the end of River Road adjacent to Felker Hill Road.

The cops were probably trying to get him for "parking more than 12 inches from the curb." Read the "Steer Clear of Trouble" post to get the joke!


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