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Monday, July 25, 2005

Joe Young Passes

Joe Young
Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
Joseph S. Young, 91, of 1412 River Road, Lindley, died Sunday, July 24, 2005 at The Waters at Three Rivers.

He was a dairy farmer.

Survivors include two daughters, Ann Young Kirk and Patricia Walch Bachman, both of Corning.

Calling hours are 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. Tuesday at Flint Funeral Home, Addison.

Services will be held there at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Burial will be in Addison Rural Cemetery.


Anonymous Sallyann said...

What I'll remember most about Joe is his "booming" laugh. I'd purposely crack a joke just to hear him belt one out.

Joe was the last man standing from a group of men and women whose reign over Lindley endured for half a century. They were the "movers and shakers" in town. They were the rocks upon which Lindley anchored itself. Through their good works and deeds, Lindley thrived. And Joe Young was right in the middle of it.

Joe was proud and forceful. Joe's heart beat to the rythmn of the town's pulse. He loved Lindley and he knew everything about it. To spend a few minutes talking with Joe about Lindley was like opening up a living history book. His memory of past events, places and people was phenomenal. While others would recite a brief "sketch" of Lindley's past, Joe would give you the detail with background information.

One day at Brownies, I learned all about the 1957 School Consolidation battle. I was fascinated by his "overview" of getting rid of the one room schools. Joe was against it. In short, he said it was not good for the kids or the community.Turns out, Joe was probably right. If ever there was a day I needed a tape recorder to "document" Joe's brilliance, that was the day.

Yes, Joe Young was just a dairy farmer, but he was much, much more than that. He didn't just work in Lindley....he was Lindley in the grandest sense of the word. As a kid and when I was in Joe's presence, I felt secure. I knew everything that mattered to me, mattered to Joe.

I deeply regret Joe's passing. It signals an end to an era when Lindley was truly "rural" and the local farmers didn't shag a group of rag tag kids out of their barns. And when kids like me stood silent in the background and watched men like Joe Young rule the six squared miles of Lindley with strength and determination, setting an example that was not lost on me.

Rest in peace, Joe. Your work here is done. But your legacy will live on.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Tammy said...

So TRUE. The town has lost a great man who influenced it in many ways throughout his life. As a kid growing up, I just assumed Joe would be here forever. His laugh and his lip packed with chew are two traits Ill never forget! It saddens me to now see the farm sit so empty. For so many years it was such a busy place. A place where you could always hear the "milkers" milking the cows, see lots of barn cats and run up and down what seemed like the runway of the barn! And Joe...well he was always busy doing something! If you tried to follow him, you'de soon give up. He was too quick and never stopped. One thing was for sure though. You could count on him being at the races on Saturday night! For years, he would take Kelly and when Kelly became old enough to drive, she took Joe. And he had fun! He would know everybody and get talking and always knew where he was! Joe will be missed by many people. He was a great man full of knowledge with a great big heart.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

Joe will be missed .We all have fond memories of joe .The old chevy pick up in hot pursuit of a escaped cow.Stopping to chat when he was fixing fence it was always that darn bear keeps knocking down my fence!The list of memories can go on and on and everyone who has had contact with joe over the years all have their own unique memories of joe.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Young..what can I say???
Just a few words about Joe.. He was always a familiar face when I came back home to Lindley to visit.. He was the man! The top- unbuttoned pants, his run over shoes,his straps, his chew, his rusty old truck, his laugh, and I can still hear him calling Madeline "MA"... On our first renew visit, he would always say "Now Eileen.... where are you at now???" ( he was talking where did I live) He was a loving man under all his rageing ways,(oh God rmember the poor gas line man form Texas???) He was a soft spoken man with many caring ways.. I remember one time when my son, Kevin was a little one, my car wouldn't start and we had a doctors appointment and Joe came up to my house and said "Just take our car" Then there were all the times Madelne and I would go shopping for the day and one time while driving, I buckled the hood on his car after I met with a big deer running out of nowhere out of Cowleys flat in Erwin.. Joe never even batted an eyelash when we showed him the car in the garage... I guess he knew we didn't ask that deer for hood art work. Then there were the many Christmas Eves at my parents home, years ago, when Joe and Madeline came by with holiday wishes and Joe had a little holiday cheer... I can still hear Madeline telling him it was time to go home down the lane.. for a hour or so..One time she even drove him home on those snowy /icy roads..He was just a laughing when he left..good time was had by all! He was very instramental in the beginning of the Lindley Presho Fire Dept, which we have all remember to this day..Well, I have missed seeing both Madeline and Joe... they were important friends in my life since I was a little girl. I am sure they are up there square dancin like they once did when they were young married folks.. Just Joe and MA.....
Rest In Peace, Dear Joe.

Eileen Leech

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to thank each and everyone for your kind words about my Dad. Every kid thinks their Dad is the greatest, but I know mine was. My life will never be the same without him. He had bad points but the good out weighed the bad hundred fold. I thank God he was my Dad and not someone else's. Ann

10:07 AM  

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