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Friday, September 09, 2005

Star-Gazette Candidate Questionnaire

A week or so ago the Star-Gazette sent each candidate running in the area local elections a Candidate Questionnaire to fill out. Well, Paul and I filled it out.

Click here to read our answers:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:27 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Hate to be an old foggy, but I think my readers have this "kissing thing" down pat.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat who?

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see your Mr. Stermer had so much to say . just one of the good ole boys and has been deputy good ole boy also. keep up the good work i think you keep winning votes and Mr. stermer keeps losing votes. We need somebody smarter and braver than one of the good ole boys to lead us into the future.Maybe the town of lindley will get out of thr rut they have been in with you at the helm . My Vote Still Goes To You.

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Marc said...

Sally- Nice to see both canidates opinions.Both want town to stay country and that is a GOOD thing.Everyone wants to keep taxes down ,but i dont see that happening they go up every year regardless of boards efforts.Just trying to maintain the the yearly expenses of the town.After all a loaf of bread is no longer 30 cents and a gallon of gas isnt 50 cents.I was surprised to see your interest in senior housing.A few years ago wasnt there a person on Browntown road that attempted to open a senior park that the town turned down? Speaking of the town moving forward did you notice we completed our new salt building Friday? Took us awhile just working on it when we could but with Jakes determination and construction know how we got it done!:)

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sally,
We know where there is a Golf Course for sale. That would make a nice Bethany or Elcor establishment. Visualize all the little apartment homes,separate manufactured homes,assisted living,hopital care,etc for the elderly from all the surrounding area on that pretty piece of land.
Erwin might even extend water and sewer hook -ups.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous kathyb said...

What a great suggestion- have thought about the senior housing issue many times over the past few years, but I have always looked at open space closer to Lindley town center.

The landscaping is already in place, there is a beautiful new "community" building and lots of space for nice bungalows. Not sure if it would fly, but it would be worth the effort to do some research! Nice recommendation!

Given the growing senior population in our town, we really need to be thinking about creating an ideal setting for them to live out their lives, close to family and friends.

Count me in for the research Sal!

8:54 AM  
Anonymous sallyann said...

I’m going to re-print exactly what I said in the Star-Gazette Questionnaire so everyone clearly understands where I’m coming from on the issue of senior housing in the Town of Lindley and who pays for it.

This is what I said in the questionnaire:

“We have a growing population of senior citizens in Lindley who would prefer to spend their twilight years in their own hometown when they cannot maintain their homes rather than moving to Painted Post or Corning. Currently, there is a growing trend across the country to build senior housing in communities where the seniors have lived most or all of their lives. These senior assisted homes are owned and operated by the private sector making them assets to a town rather than a taxpayer liability. If elected town supervisor, I would research these new forms of de-institutionalized senior homes to see if their working models were feasible for Lindley.”


It is important for everyone to understand that I am not interested in developing a plan for senior housing that owned and operated by the Town of Lindley. I am only interested in researching and developing a plan for senior housing within the private sector. Which means a “businessman or woman” recognizes the need for senior housing in rural areas and can realize a profit.

However, there are state and county organizations that have the resources to help the private sector develop a plan. I would work with these organizations to research the feasibility of senior housing in Lindley that was owned and managed by the private sector.

I hope I’ve made my position clear before the discussion went in a direction that was completely in opposition to what I believe.

Private sector…. yes….. because senior housing in Lindley becomes an asset/tax base.
Government owned and operated senior housing….no… because senior housing in Lindley becomes a local taxpayer liability.

Regarding the Indian Hills Golf Course as an option for senior housing: First of all, only the equipment shed on the golf course is located in Lindley. Secondly, the golf course is far too large for what is my vision of senior housing.

So what is my vision?

It is a complex or structure built on as few acres as possible on an accessible road that would accommodate seniors who are still active yet need minimum nursing care or tending. I would consider the complex or structure a “community of seniors” whereby the seniors took an active part in its management. It could consist of small bungalows or individual rooms to offer privacy. It would have a community gathering place or “commons” so they could gather for senior functions. It could also have a “guest house or guest room” to accommodate visiting relatives so they could be near their loved one. If you could think of this senior housing as “transitional”, a housing option “between” a senior’s own home and an institution like Three Rivers the concept becomes clearer.

My main objective is to create a housing alternative/environment within the community for seniors who do not want to leave their hometown that is owned and operated by the private sector.

Any questions?

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:46 PM  
Anonymous kathyb said...

I'm glad you expanded on your position, because I never really thought about whether or not others would have a clear understanding of what private sector means. My comments were made taking into account your statements on researching private sector and de-istitionalized options. The last thing I would want to see, as a taxpayer, is the Town of Lindley funding and operating senior housing, since our tax base could never support it.

Private developers will do the research and the math to make sure a long-term investment makes sense and will potentially be profitable to the investers. They are much more inclined to take care of the property for that very reason, since it will be an asset that will grow in value if they do. They will be required by law to operate in a manner that meets or exceeds all the state and federal regulations, to insure that our seniors rights are protected.

Government does not operate with profit as a mindset,and, as we all know, are not terribly efficient at managing those operations.
I didn't realize that the golf course wasn't within the town limits, I was just visualizing the location and setting, without getting too involved in the details. I don't really have a vision at this point, but am glad to know it is an important item in your agenda and more than happy to support your research on a very important issue.

Keep up the good work!

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Gerry said...

Marc, the town did not turn down Mr. Werner's idea for a senior manufactured housing park. It is still an open issue. Mr. Werner is well aware of the environmental studies, required by the state, that must be done before he can proceed with any development. Because Lindley has no water or sewer facilities it makes that sort of development more difficult. Also there is a great deal of capital that has to be invested in such a venture. While a good idea it is not such a good location for senior housing especially in the winter time. A more centrally located site with more flat ground would be better suited for such development but would still face the water and sewer issues. Consideration has to be given to the accessibility of emergency vehicles in all types of weather.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

Gerry- Thanks for clarification. I just remembered hearing about someone wanting to put a senior park on Browntown.I havent heard anything about it in a long while so figured it was shot down.I am surprised to hear it is still on the table.

7:16 PM  

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