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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Front and Center

I brought the following comment up to the front page of the blog because the writer's observations on the effectiveness of the center-line rumble strips were interesting. I, along with the writer, want to know what other townspeople are observing on Route 15 since the center-line rumble strips were installed. .....Here's the comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Sally, Not sure how many people read the Archives,but we have been observing the traffic since the rumble strips were put into place. As we travel between Presho and Lawrenceville, it is interesting to watch those cussed tractor trailers when they wander over the center lane. Doesn't take them long to get back on their own side of the highway. Watched one today-first he was over the center lane :then over onto the shoulder. Better onto the shoulder than into an on coming auto. So judging from what we are seeing, the strips are doing their job-even though it may only keeping the Tractor Trailer drivers in line. Would love to hear and see their first experience with the strips.
8:52 PM


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