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Sunday, September 25, 2005

A New Memorial

Originally uploaded by Sally Ann.
The family of Brian, Nicole and Jamie, the kids from Buffalo who were killed on Route 15 a few years ago, came by today to erect a new memorial to replace the one the state removed when it mowed this year.

I spoke briefly with the family to tell them their children did not die in vain nor would they be forgotten by the people in Lindley. I told them the memorial meant as much to us as it did to them.

The family in turn requested that I thank everyone from town who sent cards and letters expressing sorrow over their loss. They commented on how much those cards and letters meant to them in their hour of grief.

So you all know who you are...From the families of Brian, Nicole and Jamie, thank you for your acts of kindness during a most troubling time.


Anonymous Kitty Pierce said...

Tell everyone you know that it is very important to vote FOR the Highway Bond in the November election. Passing of this Bond will give NYS DOT the money to complete the remaining 5/6 miles of US Route 15 in Lindley. Otherwise, NYS will be searching for the money even though Jim Bacalles assures us,NYS is committed to finishing this part.
This section of RT. 15 has been known as DEATH HIGHWAY long enough.

8:34 PM  
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