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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kuhl Road Detour-In My Opinion

Okay…this is my opinion on the status of the Kuhl Road Detour.

To begin with, NYSDOT is very unhappy with my “reporting” on the subject, so much so, they have scheduled an Informational Meeting, January 18, 2006 at the Town Hall to make sure they get to counter any “inaccurate information” floating around in the community and especially what I post on the blog. They don’t want me messing with their figures and casting doubt on their reasons why they chose to build the Kuhl Road Detour. They will also be seeking support from the community for the project to silence the impacted residents on Kuhl Road. However, if a citizen “other” than one of the Kuhl Road residents, (we are just flat out of the picture at this point), expresses a “safety concern” or feel they are “inconvenienced” by the Kuhl Road Detour at the Informational Meeting NYSDOT will investigate and implement measures to minimize any impacts or inconveniences they may incur as a result of their project. NYSDOT said they’d do the same for us, but we residents grieved our concerns already and pretty much got the door slammed in our faces. We all got “it’s a trade-off” lecture.

The problem is: Nothing I say on this blog is going to stop NYSDOT from detouring 10,000 vehicles down Kuhl Road for 6 to 8 weeks and then leaving the “temporary bridge” open until the four-lane is completed to Presho. (Insert your own time-frame when you think this is going to happen.)

To say NYSDOT’s minds are made up would be an understatement, but NOW they feel a responsibility to “inform the Town” on the Kuhl Road Detour project, four years too late.

Where were they four years ago?

In their research/information packet they sent me after I asked how in the heck didn’t the Town or the residents on Kuhl Road know anything about the Kuhl Road Detour, they said they had attended a meeting January 28, 2002 with Harold, Dick Johnson and Dee, who was there to take the minutes, to discuss the detour as well as other “first-mile” project issues. Dee, Harold and Dick said after I questioned them, the issue of the Kuhl Road Detour came up, but in no way were they left with the impression after the meeting that it was “approved”. They all said the pros and cons of the detour were briefly discussed and then dropped. Harold, Dee and Dick all said they never heard about it again and we’re as shocked as everyone else who attended the December 13th Board Meeting.

NYSDOT said in their research/information packet, “Town Officials expressed no objections to this plan at this meeting.”

Fact is: By the meeting with Harold, Dick and Dee in 2002, NYSDOT was well aware that the Kuhl Road Detour was a “go”.
Excerpt from the “research/information packet sent to Kuhl Road residents”:

Value Engineering: The use of Kuhl Rd/Watson Creek Rd for the local road connector was recommended in a Value Engineering Report dated June 2000 that was prepared by an independent consulting firm retained by NYSDOT for review of the Route 15 project. They recommended this change even though it adds cost to the project because it is safer than the “button hook” design shown in the FEIS.

But again, the January 28, 2002 meeting between NYSDOT and local officials is a moot point at this juncture in the road. It’s still not going to change the fact that Jim Ball is getting his property reduced to a postage stamp, or the fact that we’re getting “severed” from the use of our barn and the other residents on Kuhl Road will be adversely impacted for a stupid detour that belongs Back Up on Route 15 where it belongs.

Mind you, at the January 18th Informational Meeting, NYSDOT is going to lean on “safety issues” to justify the construction of the Kuhl Road Detour. Elroy Young leaned on “increased tax base for the Town and a new road for the Stevens Road residents” to get support for the Presho Landfill, and we all know how that ended.

More on this subject later…..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did we understand correctly what is being called a "detour" will actually become an access road for the people who now live between Watson Creek and Lawrenceville. Is this the way people who live on Morgan Creek,etc would be able to get to Lawrenceville to get on the new 4 lane highway if they want to go south? Would this mean that all the traffic from Lindley Wood Works,the Trailer Sales ,etc would be traveling over this stretch of road-or would the "temporary detour bridge" on Kuhl Road be removed and traffic routed another way to go south from Lindley? We are a mite bit confused.
What time of year would this be -when school buses are operating?
This idea really opens up a lot of questions-such as how will anyone be able to get onto Rt. 15 at the blinker light if there will be 16,000 + cars daily. It is difficult enough now.
Sounds like the people of Lindley need to gather at the Town Hall when the STATE BOYS come so we can get some explanations.
Someone said it would take 15 years to get the 4 lanes in Lindley done. Is this for real???????

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the residents of Ryan Circle in Lawrenceville expressed their concerns about the impact of the new highway, Penn DOT worked with them. Let's hope NYSDOT can listen to the Kuhl Road residents. These people probably want the new road done as soon as anyone in Lindley. They are the first responders to many of the terrible accidents.

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

When they build the first-mile of the four-lane and “connect” it to the existing two-lane at the Watson Creek intersection, the section of Rt.15 that continues to Lawrenceville will be “closed”.

And while the state is building the “connector” they will have to “detour” all the traffic on Rt.15 around it.

And then the state needs to open up an access road so people who live on the closed end of Rt.15 can get to their homes.

Hence, the birth of the Kuhl Road Detour. The state will “detour” 10,000 (state figure, not mine) northbound and south bound vehicles down Kuhl Road and back up onto Rt.15 at the Watson Creek intersection for 6 to 8 weeks while the connector is being built. After that, Kuhl Road remains open for local traffic until the entire six miles of Rt.15 to Presho are completed-- whenever that happens.

After the first-mile and the Kuhl Road Detour are opened travelers will have “two routes” to get to Lawrenceville.

As far as getting on Rt.15 at the yellow blinking light at the Morgan Creek intersection to head south: You won’t have to. You can “fly down” Kuhl Road because the state is building us a nice new road, narrow, but nice, pick-up the closed section of Rt.15 and go right to Lawrenceville and do your business. I’ll be waving something at you as you fly by.

Like I wrote in my opinion post, their decision to hold the Informational Meeting January 18 is to gather support from the community for the Kuhl Road Detour. Many, if not most people in town will support the Kuhl Road Detour because it’s a “convenience” for them. That’s what NYSDOT is counting on. It’s very rare an entire community will support a minority of adversely affected citizens (the eight residents on Kuhl Road). Most people won’t care because “it’s not in their backyard” and as I said, most people will have a vested interest in the Kuhl Road being re-opened.

The human element was taken out of the equation when bureaucracies like NYSDOT had a “detour/access road problem to solve”. In the case of the Kuhl Road Detour, the residents were never approached in the planning process probably because NYSDOT believed the adverse impact of the detour was “minimal” and the trade-off for the greater good was achieved.

NYSDOT has the residents on Kuhl Road right over a barrel.

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This road is in my backyard, been there all my life, has it gotten worse you bet, I've been putten up with 10,000 cars forever.
You talk about a vested interest, yep fire protection, and yes access.
And then lets talk about the "Greater Good" do you think that I want to drive farm euquipment in that mess or what about the "detour" I'll have to get to the top of the hill (go 4 miles instead of 1/2) for as lomg as I work it.
I don't want the road or all the problems it will cause but in the long run WE ALL will be better off.
Do I support the detour down Kuhl RD. no, but I do support the bridge (I wanted it put back in 10 years ago) as for faster access to this end of town for the fire dep.
Do you think that NYDOT came to me and asked were I wanted the road, not hardly, but I've told them more than once were they could put it.

Paul Stermer

8:35 AM  
Anonymous jake said...

you are right the wat you feel about the new road Paul.but it will help and protect lindley people. as for kuhl road and old route 15 i lived on the corner of watson from 66 till 72 flood it was just local people. i agree with you if the state is going to put in abridge it should be one to last .the town works the road on both sides of it so why shouldn;t the people be able to use it . the town should get something from the state for the inconvenience

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Look guys, show some respect, if not for me, for the other residents on Kuhl Road who are definitely going to be adversely impacted by the detour. We understand we’re “taking one on the chin for the cause”, but it doesn’t make it go down any easier.

Paul: All the inconvenience, anger, frustration and “near misses” you’ve had all these years trying to run your farm across treacherous Route 15 was not lost on me. Every time I saw you driving farm equipment on a highway that would just as soon kill ya as get you where you were going, I’d hold my breath and wish you safe passage. When I lobbied to get Route 15 completed primarily to save lives, I was also working for the day when you wouldn’t have to suffer the daily punishment of dodging 10000 vehicles just to earn a living for your family. I also understand and sympathize that the first-mile of the four-lane severed you from your back fields and you need safe passage to reach them.

From the tone of your comment, I guess it’s too much to ask that you empathize or at least honor the sacrifices the Kuhl Road residents are being asked to make for the greater good. You’re going to get the access road you need to get to your back fields and in the very near future you’re not going have to dodge 10000 vehicles to get to your barn. You are one of the success stories.

And Jake: Ten or twelve years ago you made the statement that “you wished you could live on a private road” when the residents were opposing the opening of the Kuhl Road (Lindley Road) when the board wanted to build back the bridge. Well, let me tell you: It ain’t been a bed of roses living next to a killer two-lane that periodically spits mangled vehicles and dead bodies into my front yard. We’ve been jolted out of bed from the unworldly sound and impact of head-on collisions and then ran headlong into a scene of death and destruction naively believing we could help? I’ve been run off the road by rigs, and one snowy night I ended up in Kathy and Dean’s yard when I had to choose between “property damage” or getting hit head-on by one of four rigs because I was going sideways down Route 15, and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve almost been rear ended turning left into my driveway. But the worst of it has always been the grief I suffer when someone’s been killed. I never get over it, but I’ve never let it “eat me up”. I’ve used my grief in the most positive way I could, and that was to lobby for the completion of Route 15. Our “private road” didn’t mean “special status” to us. It was our peace of mind, our reprieve from the constant nightmare of driving and living on Route 15. Being able to conduct our lives on our “private road” without lead footed local traffic pressuring us as well seemed like a fair trade off. I always hoped the people in town understood why we never wanted that bridge put back in.

Now the bridge is going back in, and Kuhl Road will be open to local traffic. We will lose our “private road” to the 500+ vehicles projected by NYSDOT that will drive it daily after the mainline detour of 10000 vehicles ceases.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MY MY MY, let's see how many residences are there on the lower end of Kuhl road, the southern part, there are the Orr's, Serdula's, VanDuyne and on Watson Creek Mr. Ball. Four residents who will be greatly impacted for six to eight weeks, give or take as nothing ever gets done on time. Then there is the other side of the coin. For the greater good. Well Sally, you wanted a safer four lane highway and sooner or later that will be a reality. In the meantime, you and the other residents will be inconvienced let's say for a summer. I don't believe either gentleman you responded to is trying to ignore your plight. They too are entitled to their opinions. Did Jake say what you quoted, you seem to have a good memory, with tongue in cheek or was he dead serious? I bet it was the former. You forget thta Jake has been there when it comes to fatal accidents. He was an active member of the fire department for years. He too will not forget the gore he has witnessed on Route 15. What the guys are saying is that having a bridge will be an added safety for emergency vehicles. Let's face it a straight line is shorter than going around the town. Jake also lived on Rt. 15 and knows the hazards of trying to safely get in or out of a private drive as does Paul. I believe they are looking at the whole picture and not just "in my backyard". It is only natural you feel the way you do after having been able to exit your lower drive in relative safety before entering Rt. 15. There are many other people living in town who have been inconvienced by detours, construction and worse and they have survived and so will you. It won't be pleasant but when you think of the end result, will it be worth it. You bet. As far as the bridge staying after the detour, that bridge should never have been not replaced. Maybe in the process the town can convince the state to pave Lindley Road and make it a safer, cleaner road to travel. Let's all keep our heads on this one.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question, did you not know when you bought the Khul homestead that is was a major highway? Were you forced to live there? It's beginning to sound like the city folks who expect paved roads after they build when they knew the road had always been a dirt road. Another question, weren't you, Sally Orr, just elected as Lindley Town Supervisor? Have you taken your oath of office yet? I was under the impression you were running on the premise of for the good of all. I was also under the impression that a supervisor was one who upheld town laws and provided leadership. Are you becoming one of those one issue elected officials? Kinda makes one wonder, when it sounds like you fail to recognize that other people and elected officials are entitled to their opinions without being called unfair. Please tell us this is not how it will be under your leadership.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Stermer shouldn't protest too much. He gets rid of traffic by his home, picks up a nice hunk of change for pasture land for cattle he no longer has and the state will provide him an access to his hill top land. How much of this land was actually worked before this?
Has anyone figured out how the FD will be able to get to an accident(and there will be ) on the new Rt. 15 with the only accesses at Lawrenceville and Presho. Maybe the State will give them a Helicopter so they can get there.

Why did the town not replace the bridge before this if it is so vital? Mr.Stermer has stated he has been on the Board 5 years-why hasn't he done something about it before this-and Jake has been on the Board since Ammon's death. Why the sudden interest?

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get the impression that the Kuhl road inhabitants were not made aware of the detour until it was presented to the town board in Dec. I think I would be upset ,too to hear it this way.

After all NYS DOT people have been surveying in the area for what seems forever. Couldn't they at least have had the courtesy to inform these people before a public meeting of what was about to transpire. Apparently, there was an alternate way proposed that would not have to use state vocabulary-"impacted anyone."
Put your self in these people's shoes and ask yourselves how would I like this thrown at me.
There is such a thing as compromise and I would hope our new supervisor is attempting to find a solution that will work for the good of all concerned.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Regarding access for Fire Department: The Fire Department will be able to access the four-lane from the Watson Creek intersection or at the Morgan Creek intersection.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

I am surprised not everyone feels Sally has a right to her opinion. She is a taxpayer in addition to being our new Supervisor.I think her reaction to being blind sided by the new detour was justified. Everyone dislikes an increase in traffic in front of there houses.With increased traffic new problems pop up .Worry about children or grand children playing near road and always the concern for our pets or live stock. Even if the bottom line is the greater good for the town. Everyone regardless of title is entitled to there opinion. It is difficult to get support when a problem does not affect everyone directly.When I put myself in Sallys shoes I see where she is coming from. Just because there are few residents on Kuhl road doesnt mean there quality of life should be totally overlooked.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Regarding: “did you not know when you bought the Kuhl homestead that it was a major highway? Were you forced to live there?

Lar and I were fully aware of the “problems with Route 15” when we moved to the Kuhl house back in 1989. We based our decision to move here for three reasons:
1.) It was a business move. We wanted to take advantage of the “traffic volume” on Rt. 15 to expand the business.
2.) We fell in love with the house and property and wanted to restore it back to its original grandeur. It was only later on that we discovered the house was eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Ironically, we found out about the historical status of the house and property when we “questioned the surveyors/officials” who spent weeks surveying and photographing our property. They clearly led us to believe that all this “fuss” over our house didn’t have anything to do with the road being re-opened and used as a temporary detour. We kept asking them if the road was going to re-open whenever they appeared to survey and they kept telling us “no”. This went on for four years. At one point, there were three or four NYSDOT officials taking pictures of our house from every conceivable angle, including shots off our front porch. Our curiosity got the best of us and we went outside and talked with them. That’s when they began telling us about the historical nature of our house. The fact that we had “restored” by keeping the wood siding rather than “renovated” by using vinyl siding and kept the original structure of the house intact and in keeping with its time period was the reason we were eligible for registration. So I hope people will understand why Lar and I were so completely blindsided when we learned about the Kuhl Road Detour at the Dec. 13th board meeting. The imminent construction of the detour through our property came right out of left field. We honest to God never saw it coming. And because the state is not taking “one stone” from our “historical” property they are not legally obligated to offer us a “mitigation package” for impacting the property as they did with Paul Stermer whose house and property are also eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
3.) And lastly, we moved here only when “one condition was met” and that was the assurance the bridge would never be put back in and the road re-opened. When Lar and I were discussing, weighing the pros and cons of moving on Route 15 we determined the deciding factor would be whether or not the bridge would be put back in. We had decided we could “adjust to the turmoil” of Route 15 if we didn’t have to live with the pressure of a local access road “running through” our property. We were not willing to endure the pressure of the “wedge effect” of trying to conduct our lives between two active roads a stone’s throw away from the house. So I called Dick Johnson and asked him if he “believed” the town would at some point in time re-open the road. Dick said that he couldn’t be a 100% positive that it never would re-open but he felt the town just simply would never be able to afford to build the bridge back nor should they have to. He said that the people living on Kuhl Road and the fire department could access their homes at the Morgan Creek intersection or the Watson Creek intersection off Route 15. He also said the fire department had two local roads, Watson and Morgan, to detour Route 15 traffic onto when there was an accident on the southern end of 15 and didn’t need a “third road” to detour traffic. After Lar and I got the best assurance we could from Dick, we signed a purchase offer the very next day. And the only time the issue of the bridge ever came up again, was when the “spot light” was put on it three years after we moved here. I will say at this point, that NYSDOT was very aware that the people on Kuhl Road were totally opposed to the bridge being put back in. That’s why Paul McAnany, the Regional Design Engineer from NYSDOT kept assuring us at the Dec. 13th board meeting that the bridge would be taken out when Route 15 was completed. My question is and always will be: “How did McAnany know the residents of Kuhl Road vehemently opposed the bridge being re-opened when supposedly, no one in Town knew anything about the Kuhl Road Detour?” Forgive me for being a tad bit suspicious.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

marc- sally can not be seen as a taxpayer or a citizen anymore so she can not have a opinion. she is now a servent of the townspeople and must work for the good of all the people not a few.One of her problems is that she took value in the word of dick johnson that the bridge would never be replaced his mistake is that he forgot never is a very long time and a lot of things will happen in the future.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

So...does this mean I don't have to pay taxes as long as I'm Supervisor? Cool!

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

Oh....any you better re-read what Dick Johnson said to me about the bridge. Your lack of reading comprehension is showing.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you read what I wrote I said I DON'T support the detour, I think there is a better way.
As for doing someing about the bridge, back when it was closed (10 years<> ago) the town had a public hearing and I went and we were told it would not be put back in.
As for the "nice hunk of change" you'd be surprised what NYDOT thinks 26 acres of woods and the inconvenience of a "access road" 3 miles longer than what I have now is worth, and by the way there is 40 acres of work land that my cows need ( yes we still have them, didn't make that much from NYDOT).
In closing I would like to say that I do feel sorry and afraid for ALL the people that this road work will inconvenience.

Paul Stermer

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:00 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

On to the issue of leading for the “greater good”: Now, that all depends on what my perception of the greater good is. Let me give you a few hints.

It was right around the time when we moved back from Buffalo to Lindley the Presho landfill issue was absolutely boiling. I supported the people who opposed the landfill because they were going to be adversely impacted. And like I’ve said before, we all know how that turned out.

Back in the late 70’s when I lived on River Road in the school house, I supported my neighbors who were going to lose several majestic maple trees in their yards because Elroy Young in co-operation with the County was going to widen the one-lane bridge over Church Creek. The residents were concerned about losing their 100+ year-old trees, but they were also concerned that the two-lane bridge would allow cars to “speed” through their neighborhood, which is exactly what happened after it was constructed.

Sometime during the late 70’s early 80’s Moody Construction Company was planning on moving their “black top construction company” into the old Stuart barn property on River Road. The residents on River Road were opposed to the company establishing a fairly robust trucking business in an “old residential community”. I supported the residents because as a member of that old residential community, I was also opposed to the Moody Construction Company moving into the community. The Town listened to the River Road residents grievances and didn’t allow the company to set up in the community.

More recently, I was absolutely opposed to the Presho Development and if it had gone through as planned, would have brought 3000 more people into Town and destroyed our “rural nature”. I supported the 20+ residents in Presho who would have been adversely affected if the development had happened.

My perception of the “greater good” is to protect and support the interests and well-being of every Lindley citizen. I am not interested in supporting “outside forces” like gravel pits, huge developments, monolithic businesses even if only “one” Lindley citizen is going to be adversely affected. I have watched too many “rural” people’s lives get destroyed for the “greater good” because the rural countryside gets all the extraneous crap that cities won’t allow built inside their boundaries or don’t have room for anymore. Entire countryside’s have been eliminated in some states for the “greater good”-- the promise of lower taxes because of a richer tax base from a strip mall or housing development. Taxes, rarely if ever go down! I am a Rural Conservative who does not want much if anything to destroy our “rural nature”. My loyalty is not to “outside forces” that would corrupt our way of life. My loyalty goes to the existing citizens in Lindley because most of the time a Town can’t stop “outside forces” from coming in. Our Master Plan went as far as it could legally to “control outside forces”. If ten developers came before the Planning Board and each applied for a permit, the only legal recourse the board has is to “control setbacks, sewer systems, road access etc.” and if the developers complied the ten cluster developments would get built. There won’t be a darn thing I can do about outside forces most of the time, except to support those who would be adversely affected. And that’s how I will lead for the “greater good”. A few weeks ago several residents on River Road called me with their concerns about a “rental trailer” being reviewed before the Planning Board that would be set-up in their neighborhood if approved. The residents had very valid concerns about the potential impact on their neighborhood and I supported their opposition. Right now (take Larry and I out of the mix), I still have seven residents on Kuhl Road who are leaning on me as Supervisor to support them in their opposition to the Kuhl Road Detour. I hope by writing this response that all who read it are perfectly clear where my leadership position will be focused for the “greater good”. I will almost always stand with the “minority” against an outside force. NYSDOT is an outside force that I can’t stop, but I can try to alleviate as much hardship as possible for the residents on the Kuhl Road Detour.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IT IS PRESHO AND LAWRENCEVILLE> that was made very clear at the meetings held at Williamson High School. Lindley will be "off the map" so to speak when the four lane is completed.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Sallyann said...

1.) When all six miles of Route 15 are completed from Pa. to Presho the only way to "get on or off" the four-lane will be in Pa. or Presho.

2.)Old Route 15 will be re-opened where it was "blocked off" near the Presho Cemetery.

3.) So anyone coming from Presho way will be able to merge from Indian Hills Road into Old Route 15 and travel all the way to Lawrenceville.

4.) Those traveling on the other side of the river on River Road will be able to access Old Route 15 at the Morgan Creek Intersection or the Watson Creek Intersection or the Kuhl Road Intersection. Within a half-mile there will be "three" access roads to Old Route 15.

5.) The fire department will have to go to Presho or Lawrenceville to get on the completed four-lane in case of an emergency.

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well let me get this straight, first we do everything to get the new road completed and now?
Why don't you go ask the people up and down the new 4-lane if any of them were inconvenience or if there life was disrupted, there are 6 familys on the Kuhl-Watson detour, how many familys were in Wishing Well ? 30 ? were they disrupted? are they better off now, probable and you all will be in the end.
I also realize that getting on and off this road will be tuff but we do it now.
It looks like you have a problem with the "Good Ol Boys" that ran the Town before you, well "hind sight is 20-20" and will SEE how you do in "The Big Chair"

Just a Tax Payer

8:38 AM  
Anonymous A concerned observer said...

There is something about this detour that bothers me. In this small area ,the homes are grouped closely together. We all have seen an increase in the number of trucks which carry all kinds of cargo from gasoline,toxic chemicals, gasoline to hazardous waste.To make this detour,several turns will have to be negotiated as well as a more narrow roadway.God forbid, but what happens if one of these free wheelers doesn't slow down ,doesn't make the turn and flips over . Will we have a firey scene lke the one in Savona a couple of years ago? What happens to the people who live in these houses which are pretty close to the "old us 15"
When the workers are working close to the detour in PP construction area, a State Trooper car is parked there to enforce the speed limit and watch the traffic. Isn't this feasible with the first proposed connector route? Seems like it would be cheaper than building a bridge.
Somehow-I get the idea there is more to this detour than is being told.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sally a few comments ago you mentioned about not having to pay taxes. Boy that would be nice after just recieving my taxes for this year and seeing how much they are and what we get for our money makes one want to move to Pa. taxes are smaller and they atleast know how to build a highway and they do not have all these new laws that N.Y. has . Makes you wonder why anyone wants to stay in N.Y.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am stating straight away that I do not live in Lindley, I don't even live in NY, therefore I have no "personal" interest in this Kuhl Road detour at all. However, I do read this blog frequently.

It is my understanding that Sally just recently took office of Town Supervisor, and already she is being criticized... hmmm, hardly seems fair to me. I suppose that is the world of politics though, and I'm sure Sally knew what she was in for when she ran.

And from an outsider, if you all worked as hard at fighting TOGETHER, as you back bite, I'm sure you could all help Sally accomplish a whole lot more. Unless, you have no desire to improve things at all, and just want the opportunity to slam your elected officials.

Quit crying in your spilt milk about who is now in office as opposed to who used to be... quick attacking eachother personally and roll up your sleeves and get to work. I'm sure because this is such a hot button issue you do not realize how juvenile most of you sound.

It is my opinion that Sally has worked very hard to keep the information flowing on the blog regarding Route 15. What and how you react to that information is completely up to you, I just wish for the sake of the "greater good" you could all work together. The way I see it, not many of you plan on doing ANYTHING to help, you're just interested in expressing your own gripes. In an environment like that how is any elected offical expected to get anything done. I thought one of the lures to small community living was neighbor helping neighbor. I don't see a whole lot of neighborly attitude going on in Lindley.

It is incredibly apparent that regardless of what decisions Sally makes there will be the pack of "good ole boys" salivating and rubbing their hands together in anticipation of their personal attacks.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the last blog . That is the way in Lindley Back biting and back stabbing.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed-maybe it is time to bury the hatchet and get on with life. Sally was elected fair and square. The former supervisor chose not to run-his choice Electors made their choice of the two people running.
What kind of person would Sally be and what would we think of her if she ignored her neighbors and friends when they seem to be having a problem with NYSDOT-even if she has been elected supervisor. As an elected official, she has the responsibility of representing EVERYONE in town-regardless of whether or not they share a common problem and are her neighbors.
Her job will not be easy especially when there are those who are judging her before she has even had her first official meeting. Let's give her a fighting chance before we judge her.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed-maybe it is time to bury the hatchet and get on with life. Sally was elected fair and square. The former supervisor chose not to run-his choice Electors made their choice of the two people running.
What kind of person would Sally be and what would we think of her if she ignored her neighbors and friends when they seem to be having a problem with NYSDOT-even if she has been elected supervisor. As an elected official, she has the responsibility of representing EVERYONE in town-regardless of whether or not they share a common problem and are her neighbors.
Her job will not be easy especially when there are those who are judging her before she has even had her first official meeting. Let's give her a fighting chance before we judge her.

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Yes i live in lindley and i am proud to say i voted for sally.She has lived in lindley a lot longer than i have and she does not know me but i am sure that she as i know how things are in not think i am complaining but after 20 years here i know what to expect from people.Sally knows that she will have to roll with the punches and be thick skinned about matters because she cannot please all the people all the time nobody can.just as the people tried to stop mr. robbins gravel mine and were defeated by the D.E.C. she has a really tough long up hill battle with the state of new york.I wish her well because she will have her work cut out for her. I just think it is funny that her enemies will reap the benefits of her hard work just like every one else.also i think she will sit well in the big chair.

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